Saturday, July 9, 2016

What Astrology is going on this week ....

This Week:

We start this week  in Crescent Phase of the Cancer lunar cycle.
As a reminder, each phase of the moon, of which there are eight, lasts about three and half days.  The phases each have their own energy and they are:

New - action
Crescent - receive information
First Quarter- action
Gibbous -refinement, finding what we may have missed
Full- exposure - balance -action
Disseminating- sharing information
Last Quarter- final actions 
Balsamic- release- let go

Crescent is when we receive information from the actions that we took on New Moon.    Our emotions were up from July 4-July 7.  How did it play out?  How did you ride the waves?  How did you plant seeds that spoke to your roots?  Or your family?  Or things that mean much to you?  How did you go with the flow?   Now we get information.   Are we getting flak?   Are we getting support?   How does it impact the seeds planted?   Do you dig in harder?  Do you adjust?    Here are more things to ponder.

Crescent Moon Phase
Started July 7
9:08pm EDT  

Focus on: What details are you learning?   How do those details speak to your emotions?   What small things are you learning and how do they respond to your family of origin?   How is your daily life in sync with your emotional roots?  Or how is it not? And why not?

Special Focus:
7/10:  Mercury/Mars.   A rush of words.  A rush of communication.  The brain is on fire.   “Do it now” coursing through the brain.  Take a breath, please.  
7/11:   Mercury/Uranus:  Fighting words.  Getting into it with someone, but why?   Are you breaking out?  Are you breaking through?  Or are you just holding onto something stupid?    

First Quarter Moon
July 11, 2016
8:51pm EDT

Focus on:  What is going on with your relationships?  What actions can you take regarding partners that speak to your emotions?   What actions can you take that speaks to finding balance?  Where are your emotions out sorts? What actions can you take that get them back in alignment.

Special focus
7/11:  Venus enters Leo.  Love roars.
7/13: Mercury enters Leo.  Brain roars.  

Gibbous Moon
July 15
11:02pm EDT

Focus on:
What are you learning about your beliefs?  How have you forgotten your education?  What have you neglected about traveling?  How is going out there in the big wide world and bringing in something ‘foreign’ helpful? 

Special Focus:
7/16: Sun/Uranus:  Jettisoning family roots that don’t serve.  Rebellion in order for independence.    Or taking family history and using it for independence.
7/16: Mercury/Venus:  The brain is focused on love and values.   Creativity to the forefront. 
7/16: Sun/Mars: Emotions are in synch with empowerment.  Life forces feel emboldened and energized.
7/18: Mercury/Saturn. Structured solutions are brainstormed.   Concrete thinking.   Responsibilities are lighter on the brain

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