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Neptune Retrograde June 16

One of the earliest photos 1840.  The photographer used his sister as model (source Wikipedia)

Neptune Retrograde. 
June 16
7:09am EDT
14 Pisces 15 

Neptune is our antenna.   It is goes high, high, high up into the cosmos where it receives beeps from the Universe.  It is our intuition it is our mystical it is also our religious nature but not the standing in line to get a wafer or reading the Torah part.  It is that other part of religion that speaks to something greater than us where we see or hear a response from the universe.   Or simply a willingness to ask for an answer from the Universe—that is Neptune.    

Neptune rules film and photography and although the first photographs took place during Neptune in Aquarius, it was during Neptune in Pisces that photography got its mojo.  What a wonderful magical device that captures a human’s expression.  Looking in the eyes of fellow human reminds us we are all the same even if we look different.  Is it our soul that we see in each other.  This tenderness is so Neptune.   And while Neptune traveled through Pisces it became more approachable to the masses.  And now, it is hard not to think about the power of iphone not for the call or the text but the video.   We have barely scratched the surface of this power.

Neptune is of course connected to drugs and booze.  Where to begin?   Highly sensitive people with pronounced Neptune in their chart have an antenna too high up, bringing in too much static, they opt for booze and drugs to self medicate.   Oh, Neptune how we love you but you make life so complicated.   

Neptune spends half of the year in reverse motion and in the sign Pisces, Neptune LOVES going backwards.   “Oh, let me percolate on something mystical for six months.  Let me be unsure of what I am unsure about for half a year.  Let me be fuzzy.   Oh, that feels so good.”  Watch your intuition between now and November 22 when Neptune stations direct.    Sure there could be fuzziness (if Neptune hits a planet) but Neptune’s journey in Pisces also is speaking to our guts.  Our antenna could pick up on something; we may be unsure and then we learn later why our gut rang.   That skill of hearing the gut is what we need to fine tune during Neptune retrograde.  It is a subtle lesson but one to catch if we are open.      

On a global note, the last time Neptune was in Pisces was 1848 and most of the 1850s.  Great time to be born and later wow the world with your art, thank you Impressionist Artists.  Great time to spread new religions,  “Welcome to Utah, Brigham Young” and as one who lives in California, great time to follow gold.
Gold was discovered in California in 1849 and if it had been discovered one year earlier I would be speaking Spanish to you right now because Mexico would never have given up Texas or California in the war with the USA.    There is something about lost opportunities with Neptune in Pisces and at the same time huge opportunities for others.   People from all points of the world came to California looking for gold, thank you, Italy and France because you left us your wine.  And thank you Levi & Strauss for your jeans.  Of course a lot of people died in gold fields.  And the cross continental trains were united during Neptune in Pisces.  But what happened to all the Chinese workers who came to build the tracks over harsh terrain?   Separated from their families, ostracized by white America, opportunities yes, but also at a cost.

Now, here we are in 2017 at the halfway point of Neptune in Pisces and we can all observe where people are moving and being motivated by a new ‘gold’.   Is it an actual precious metal?  Or is it a person with a golden tongue?  Is it something in their heart that leads them to better opportunities whether they are real or not?   And how are others losing status or ground and have no opportunity in front of them? 

During the retrograde for the next six months we can see and experience moments both poignant and painful---and also important.   Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto in 1848 smack in the middle of Neptune in Pisces.   And Harriet Beacher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1851.   Both pieces of work rang a bell for legions of people and would impact the world then and in some ways are still ringing a bell.    It is worth noting that the entire Civil War took place during Neptune in warrior Aries, which started two days after Ft. Sumter (you can’t make this stuff up). The next time Neptune moves into Aries will be 2025.  We have some time before then to really understand others while it Neptune transits Pisces.   Remember neither Marx or Stowe would have had to write their works if the suffering of other humans had been addressed.   See what we all learn about other people and what we learn about our guts between now and November. 

And if you have a planet being aspected by Neptune be aware of the information that is coming to you even if it looks confusing at first.  There is something important in there for you to process.

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