Monday, June 12, 2017

This Week in Astrology

It might not be hugely bumpy but enough to bug.

Hard to Believe but we are still in Full Moon....

I know I am feeling the full moon even though we are on the backside of the phase.  I am guessing part of this lingering punch is due to the Jupiter’s change of direction.   What should we expect?  Afterall a direct Jupiter on a Full Moon in Sag is like riding a boogie board behind the QE 2.   Big ass waves are in the wake of Jupiter turnabout.     

A reminder of what this full moon is about can be found HERE.

Just before we move into Disseminating phase on the 13th Mercury will be in a small cranky annoying aspect with Uranus.   Do not be surprised by disruptive communication, chaotic talks and your brain feels like it is ADHD.   Then later Mercury gets into it with Neptune.  But at the same time Mercury has a nice aspect with Jupiter.   Honestly, that’s just too many planets pushing on Mercury imo.      I do not expect the 13th to be a normal smooth running day.   Big at times, crazy and probably lots of stupid conversations and sure some misguided thinking. 

On the 15th Sun and Saturn get into their once a year push pull.  Peter Pans will die on the stake.   Don’t look. Just clean up your act and walk your talk. 

And Neptune turns retrograde on the 16th.    Sure, why not.   See separate post.  Also pour wine and find Nino Rota soundtracks. 

June 13
11:09 am EDT

Focus on:  How are you sharing your like mindedness with other groups?   How are you melting into other groups?  How are you sharing your friends and friendships?  Where are you sharing your iconoclastic nature? 

Special focus:
6/13: Mercury trine Jupiter.   Expanded thinking.  International thinking.   Breaking out of  local and going more wordly—in conversation and thinking. 
6/13: Mercury square Neptune.  Dissolved thoughts.   Conversations that don’t line up.  Disillusioned thoughts.
6/15: Sun opposition Saturn.  The value in restriction must be found in the brain first.  Frivolous behaviors versus meaningful beliefs.   Where is the balance?  
6/16: Neptune turns retrograde 7:09am 14 Pisces 15 (see separate post)

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    (Od 8. pa do 10.junija 2018)

    Na hipodromu Polena v Lenartu v Slovenskih goricah se bo v času od petka, 8. pa vse do nedelje, 10.junija 2018 odvijala že 6. Lenarška jagnjijada.
    Na tej jagnjijadi si bo mogoče privoščiti sveže pečeno jagnjetino, ovčje klobase, ovčji sir. Na tem sejmu si bo mogoče ogledati prikaz striženja ovac, kupiti bo bilo mogoče tudi izdelke iz ovčje volne.
    Sejem bo odprt te 3 dni od 9. pa do 19. ure.