Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sagittarius Full Moon

Sagittarius Full Moon
June 9, 9:09am

18 Sag 53  Moon
18 Gemini 53 Sun

Half way through the Gemini lunar cycle we get the gift of fire with the Sagittarius full moon.    For two weeks we’ve been processing data and expressing versatility.  We’ve been light on our feet, going left, going right, doing whatever we can to get through our days and all the time we are processing information. 

We are processing actions of various people, including how people respond to others and to us.  We are processing how things work & how things don’t work.  It has been an analytical period.  We aren’t particularly emotional, we are just processing.  NOW on the fiery full moon we get a boost of passion.   We take the information we have observed and put it up on a bigger platform.  We get a vision from the stuff we have observed.     Someone said something that now could be helpful for this bigger idea, cause or goal.   Or we saw something that we wondered about and now it makes sense to help a bigger idea, cause or goal.   The fire of Sag full moon elevates our thinking.  We can feel optimistic, fun, excited about something.     And with the Sun/Moon in decent aspects with Jupiter we should get an even extra boost from the Universe.   Especially given Jupiter turns direct within an hour of the full moon.    
Launch booster rockets!     Green lights ahead, right? 

Yes and no…. There is a wet blanket in the mix, Saturn.  For the last two years Saturn has been trudging through Sag.    First order of business with this placement is hypocrisy.   If anyone is saying one thing but doing another –people are noting the hypocrisy.  They may not say anything but they are observing it.   Saturn moves into Capricorn in December so this is our last aspect that Saturn can make to a full moon in Sag for close to 30 years.   So, hypocrisy or let’s water it down to “Walk Your Talk” will be up for everyone to see who is doing it and who is not.   And on this full moon things might get said.    

At the same time Saturn likes to do only one thing “Get Sh** done.”    So, there we are feeling emboldened with Jupiter direct on Sag full moon but Saturn is saying, “Ah, not so fast”.

If you are worked up, great, Sag Moon is doing his thing. But you need to put it through a sensible filter.   If your opinions or ideas are big, great that’s what Jupiter likes but you may need to think your plans through.  Do they walk your own talk?   And rhetoric could be High High High on this full moon.   If you want to run with okay.  But you may want to cool your jets, feel the passion get motivated but be measured.   Watch for zealots in the news btw.    And big ass money stuff. Something over the top. 

At the same time, we’ve got Jupiter and Saturn all over this Full Moon we also have mystical Neptune with all his fuzziness in the mix.  “Oh, for goodness sake, who invited him?”    Again, the only way to keep the confusion ( or lies) at bay is by slowing stuff down and asking questions.  Or getting quiet and go into prayer or meditation.    All may not be what it seems but the connection between you and your maker is real.   Just don’t go crazy big or crazy loud.    Don't say a big YES when maybe it should be a small Yes.   

In short, your intellect has been processing stuff and you have been an observant student.  The full moon kicks you up to teacher.   Take caution to not tell everyone a thing or two. Instead feel the power of ‘ knowing’ stuff.  Meditate on bigger pictures.  Meditate on bigger visions or goals.    And find your sensible side.    Other note, watch the snark.   And --go out in nature.  A hike, trip to the beach, lake, back yard garden.  Get out there and let nature help open a door for you.



    Danes dne v četrtek, 8.junija 2017 mineva natanko 13 let, odkar sem na Trgu Svobode v Mariboru opazoval celoten Venerin tranzit. Ta dan je bilo ves dan precej jasno vreme, zato je bil ta Venerin tranzit pri nas zelo dobro viden.
    Naslednjič bo Venerin tranzit nastopil čez 100 let dne 11.decembra 2117 in iz Slovenije žal ne bo viden.
    Naslednji Venerin tranzit, ki bo iz Slovenije viden le delno bo nastopil čez 108 let dne 8.decembra 2125.
    Naslednji Venerin tranzit, ki bo iz Slovenije viden v celoti bo nastopil čez 230 let dne 11.decembra 2247.


    Today, on Thursday, 8 June 2017 marks exactly 13 years since I was at Liberty Square in Maribor observe the entire transit of Venus. This day was the day pretty clear weather, so it was this Venus transit from us very clearly visible.
    The next transit of Venus will be performed in 100 years on 11 December 2117 and from Slovenia, unfortunately, will not be visible.
    The next transit of Venus, which will be visible only from the Slovenian part will perform over 108 years on 8 December 2125.
    The next Venus transit will be visible from Slovenia as a whole will perform over 230 years old on 11 June 2247.


    Ste se danes najedli češenj ob današnji češnjevi polni luni. Res je, danes je tretja pomladanska polna luna imenovana češnjeva polna luna. Gre za polno luno, ki je dobila ime po obilnih zrelih češnjah, ki so sedaj v teh dneh v polni zrelosti. Letos 21.aprila je bila pri nas močna pomladanska pozeba. V mojih krajih kateri so pod 300 metrov nadmorske višine ni češenj. Kraji ki so nad 300 metrov nadmorske višine tam so češnje. Jaz sem doma na nadmorski višini 290 metrov in žal mi je pomladanska pozeba pobrala češnje. Češnje hodim jesti v višje nadmorske višine, kjer tako hude pomladanske pozebe na srečo ni bilo. Sem se pa tudi jaz danes najedel češenj.
    Sicer pa je češnjeva polna luna zelo poševna, nizko nad obzorjem polna luna.

    Do leta 2030 bo češnjeva polna luna nastopila v teh dneh:
    Dne 9.junija 2017, 29.maja 2018, 18.maja 2019, 5.junija 2020, 26.maja 2021, 14.junija 2022, 4.junija 2023, 23.maja 2024, 11.junija 2025, 31.maja 2026, 20.maja 2027, 7.junija 2028, 27.maja 2029 in 15.junija 2030.

    Češnjev lunarni mesec pa letos traja od 25.maja pa vse do 24.junija.


    Have you eaten today cherries cherry at today's full moon. Indeed, today is the third full moon of spring cherry called the full moon. It's a full moon, which is named after the abundant ripe cherries, which are now in these days of full maturity. This year, 21 April was with us a strong spring frosts. In my own country which are under 300 meters above sea level is the cherry. Places that are over 300 meters above sea level, there are cherry. I'm home at an altitude of 290 meters and I'm sorry spring frosts picked cherries. Cherries go eat at higher altitudes, where such a severe spring frost thankfully it was not. I also am now eaten cherries.
    Otherwise, cherry full moon very slanted low over the horizon full moon.

    By 2030 cherry full moon occurred on these days:
    On 9 June 2017, 29 May 2018, 18 May 2019, 5 June 2020, 26 May 2021, 14 June 2022, 4 June 2023, 23 May 2024, 11 June 2025, 31 May 2026, 20 May 2027, 7 June 2028, 27 May 2029 and 15 June 2030.

    Cherry lunar month, this year runs from 25 May till 24 June.