Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Keeping Our Focus Out For These Dates

Monday's total eclipse of the Sun was mega big.  Got it.    But take note---the eclipse will have more action going forward as there will be planetary action pushing up to the degree of the eclipse.  

September 3 - Mars crosses eclipse degree of 29 Leo 
September 5 - Mercury Direct at the 29 degree of Leo 
September 18-Venus crosses eclipse degree of 29 Leo 
November 20 -Sun squares eclipse degree of 29 Leo 


  1. Can you say more about what we might see, Tracy?

  2. Mars will bring some warrior energy and or War energy. It can be brash. Rough. Mercury is a motor mouth. The thinking is too rushed. Thinking that goes back to the experience of the eclipse. Mentally empowering perhaps? There is also a tie in to the end of July when the shadow began. Maybe something forgotten is remembered. Venus brings a resource to support the heart and strength that was found at the eclipse. Love times two. Sun Square—what actions have been neglected since eclipse that need to be taken—where do we need to jump without a net?