Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde
A trippy roadtrip is about to get Trippier.....

August 12, 9pm EDT
11 Virgo 36

The day after New Moon (7/24) Mercury reached its shadow point. Let’s take a minute and ponder Mercury retrograde in non-astrological language. 

Pretend you and Mercury are riding in a car on a road trip and the day after New Moon you and Mercury see a roadside attraction.   Let’s call it Fred’s Fish Shack.  You point it out to Mercury and say, “Oh, that looks interesting” but Mercury keeps driving and along the way you see various attractions until August 12 at 9pm EDT when you come upon Mary’s Pie Shop and this is when Mercury says, ‘Hey we’re heading back to Fred’s fish shack”  and so you turn around  and you drive back on the road you were just on until September 5 7:29am EDT when you arrive once again at Fred’s Fish Shack.  Now Mercury takes a breath and the two of you turn around and head back for Mary’s pie shop where you arrive on September 19th.    

As you can tell from our little road trip analogy July 24 until September 19th will be a lot of the same road over and over again. 

This is how all Mercury retrogrades work.   However there is added fuel to this road trip, Fred’s fish shack is the same location of Leo solar eclipse (i.e. the same degree of Leo).    This is extraordinary.  There is no reason on god’s green earth for the solar eclipse to be the same degree as Mercury’s shadow point.   

Do you think Spirit wants to get our attention?   Do you think the issues that the solar eclipse may bring need our attention?  Do you think the issues around Leo’s heart will be up for us to consider during this retrograde and will inform us for the next Leo New Moon?  The answer is of course, “Heck, yes!”    Even though the retrograde does not start until August 12th, we should take a moment and consider all that has come up since July 24.  What were the roadside attractions or issues or bumps or joys that came up in our view since July 24.  What has got you fired up?   What is going on with your love life?  How is your creativity?  How is your artistic side?  How are you playing?  Who is playing with you and who is blowing you off?  How are you connecting to joy?   How are you connecting to your inner-star?  Are you projecting your real self and how are people responding to it?    How are you bold?  How are you a leader?   

All of this will be up for us to ponder and explore for the entire retrograde and the rest of this Leo lunar cycle and the next Leo 29 day cycle which starts on August 21. Please note that on July 25 Mercury moved into Virgo and the actual degree Mercury turns retrograde (Mary’s Pie shop) is 12 degrees of Virgo.  So, after the 25th our critical eye will be up.  We will have trouble seeing the big picture because our attention will be drawn to the micro.   Everywhere we look we will think, “Well that could be done better.”  And yes, for sure, we are probably correct.  But then the question is how can we help make it better?  How can we serve?   Mercury who rules our thinking and brains will ponder, “How can I help?”  Also with Virgo our insecurities show up.   Watch how much you think or say, “I’m not good enough” or others tell you that something about you is not right or broken or needs to be fixed.    This is part of the reason Mercury is sending us backward.  He knows our thinking may need to be fixed or at least adjusted.  Not because someone tells us but because it is part of our heart’s journey.   And above all remind your brain the power of self-love.   If we fill our day with many tasks that is fine but ask yourself how those tasks reflect on your own self- value.      This is also part of the heart’s journey.  

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