Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Saturn Direct August 25

Temple of Saturn --Brittanica 

Saturn stations direct
August 25, 8:08am EDT
21 Sagittarius 10

Saturn is turning direct just a few days after the new moon.  Wow.  Spirit is really getting our attention that we can do something if we want to do it.  Saturn has been in Sag for about two years and it will be wrapping up its journey this year and will be moving into Capricorn at the end of December.    Saturn will not return to Sagittarius for about 27 years.   Will I still be on earth?  Gosh, who knows but if I am I will be as old as dirt.   The point is we should all make the most of Saturn in Sagittarius.   With Sag we are visionaries.  We see solutions and see bridges that take us from one place to another.  We find faith in churches and places that are holy.   We find faith in education.  We find faith in rules and orders and we find faith in our judgment.  Although, if we are not walking our talk we will be slapped by the universe for our hypocrisy.  And perhaps when Saturn turned retrograde on April 6 we have been dealing with hurdle after hurdle.   Is some of the hurdles popping up by our own hand?  Have we messed up and been full of our self (bad Sag) or have we had to just slow down and really think if the thing we are pursuing is really in sync with our beliefs.   Whatever has been coming up consider it a new day after Saturn turns direct on August 25th.  Our engines will rev up and hopefully we will make the most of Saturn’s final days in Sag.

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