Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Libra Full Moon

Libra Full Moon
March 31, 2018
8:36am EDT
10 Libra 44

As always, when Full Moon opportunities are offered it is good to consider the bigger context.   Context number one, sometimes Libra Full moon occurs after the Aries New Moon and the lunar year has launched and sometimes it will precede the new moon.   In this case it is preceding the launch of the New Year.   Context number two, by preceding the lunar year means we are processing the full moon from a Pisces lens.   Context number three, we are in the middle of retrograde Mercury in Aries.   

What does this mean?     It means that even before we go into the astrological details of this full moon chart we know that this moon is important because it is speaking to us through our intuition (Pisces lunar cycle) level.   It is speaking to us in ways that feel different perhaps even unworldly.   Guts and intuition bells will ring along with ‘random’ moments or thoughts.      The value of this intuitive energy is to inform us what we want for the upcoming new year.  With the Mercury retrograde we might be experiencing snafus that speak to the value of S-L-O-W-I-N-G down our thoughts and our communication.   Any hurdles that come up are also informing us what we want in the coming new year via experiences we just don’t want to have happen again.     And in the middle of all this energy we have Libra Full Moon informing us about our relationships and partnerships. 

Astro details:
Libra Full moon is in conjunction with Mercury so again watch any snafus that come up during the three-day full moon.  Are they based on misinformation?  Or based on rushing?  Or knee jerk reactions?   What would be the value in slowing down?     Mars the warrior is in conjunction with stern taskmaster Saturn in Capricorn and both planets are in square with Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra.    How are our relationships supporting smart and strategic movement?  How are we focused on going forward in some manner and our partner is resistant?  Or is our partner pushing movement and we are resistant?   Or how is our partner or relationship disconnected?    Libra is looking for a partner to help with balance.   Libra can respect independence in others but really does not like to be alone.   On this Libra full moon relationships based on real connection and similar values feel different than relationships based on fear of being alone.    Sun in Aries reminds us that being authentic and real strengthens our self- esteem.  What happens in relationships when one partner accesses more self esteem?  See if anything comes up during this full moon and how you need to shift your place in your relationship.  And remember how this full moon may inform you for your new  year (& Treasure Map launch) starting on April 15 9:57pm EDT. 

Happy Full Moon
Happy Easter

Happy Passover 

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