Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mercury Retrograde

March 22, 2018
8:18pm EDT
16Aries 54

Mercury stations retrograde at 16/17 Aries.   Mercury in Aries rules fast moving thoughts.  Have you been feeling a bit ADHD?  Blame Mercury in Aries.   The retrograde should help us slow down and if not exactly get quiet which is what Pisces keeps asking us to do all 29 days, perhaps we can slow down enough to not get in trouble—if we are paying attention.  Mercury in Aries can be quick to anger and quick to mouthy.  There is nothing wrong with using our words to start a new path and a new route for independence but we don’t need to start small grass fires whenever we speak.  Luckily the retrograde will help us ‘take a moment’ and stop ramming (it is Aries of course) our thoughts down on everyone.  What is probably most noteworthy about this Mercury retrograde is that about 17 hours after it turns direct we get the Aries New Moon.   THAT is remarkable.  For those of us who do Treasure Maps on Aries New Moon consider how cuckoo it is that we will have three weeks of mental confusion or chaos and then poof it ends and we get Aries New Moon where we launch our new year and map.    Talk about the dawn after a storm.   I would consider this potentially one of the most profound Mercury retrogrades in a very long time.    Use these three weeks that could sometimes seem confusing or mentally challenging as a gift.   Perhaps we need any hurdles to clarify our goals for Aries New Moon.

Mercury station direct
4 Aries 46
April 15, 2018

5:20am EDT

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