Thursday, March 1, 2018

Virgo Full Moon : Healing

Full Moon
March 1, 2018
7:51pm EST

11 Virgo 23

This full moon is focused on the details of healing.    Details that you actually know you need to do and those that ‘seem’ to just pop up.  I say ‘seem’ because the truth is you know they need to heal but you just have either given up on healing them or forgotten that they even could be healed.   That stuff.

During these three days of the full moon you may call a doctor to finally deal with an issue that has been bugging you for what seems like forever.   Or you could make a phone call to a person who you have needed to talk for a long time.   It could be a purchase that you have neglected.  Whether it is a conversation, a shot, a new dishwasher, a payment towards a debt, whatever it is---it is HEALING. 

Typical Full Moons in Virgo are fraught with nervous energy and anxiety but this full moon is supported by Saturn, who speaks to time management and just being “on time”.  Tell your nerves to shut up and take a breath.   Believe in the timing.  Also given that this Full Moon is expressing its full power with mystical Neptune who is just a few degrees away means that something holy and divine is taking place.  Watch how the Universe provides you with the exact healing that you need.   And if you are not seeing the antidote TRUST  it is there.    Yeah that scary five letter word.    There are no accidents taking place right now.  Watch and make the most of any opportunities for healing.   

One last note, Mars the warrior planet is into it with Mercury the great communicator.    If you are fighting with anyone make sure it is not the same old same old fight, shift the discussion a little bit or broaden it and see if that helps.   

Time does not heal all wounds but when time offers opportunities to heal –jump on it!


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