Saturday, March 9, 2019

Astrology This Week

The weekend starts off with the last day of Pisces New Moon.  There is still opportunity to launch a project, make a phone call, activate something new.   There is a component to wrapping up loose ends in the Pisces cycle.  Perhaps that thing that has been in the back of your mind for a long time gets that big push during this 29- day cycle.  Finding calm and your center speaks to Pisces.   See if you can tap the energy during the final new day so you can take it through the rest of the cycle.  We move into Crescent phase on 10th which brings out our down-earthness, finding the practical in anything informs us perhaps n a way that we may not felt in a long time.  Jupiter brings its bigness on the 13th which could be too big.   Things could get sloppy and loud, see why it is important to find your center? 

This focus:  How can we get quiet and find the answers to any problems?  How can we tune into the bigger picture?  How can we find ourselves even when we are completely frazzled? Pisces will throw so many waves on us until we get our hand on the rudder of our boat. 

Crescent Moon Phase
March 10, 2019
12:23pm EST  

Focus on: What information are you receiving that speaks to the value of being super practical?  What information are you receiving that acknowledge the importance of doing things step by step by step by step? How are you learning the importance of security?  

Special Focus
3/13: Sun Square Jupiter:  Enthusiasm can be sloppy.  Take the fire outside and move it inside and manage it.  No place for sloppiness.  Tap your compassion. 
3/14: Mars trine Saturn: Hard work feels good.  Bringing energy to something important for career or for position in the community.  

First Quarter Moon 
March 14 6:26 am EST 

Focus on: What actions can you take that support communication?  What actions can you take that support your connections with others?  What actions can you take that support your dexterous nature?  How are you able to shift on a dime?  Can you see the value?  

Special Focus:
3/14: Sun con Mercury:  What are you learning from getting quiet?  Find patience.  Find humanitarian.  Find gentle. 
3/15: Mercury square Jupiter.   Watch your thoughts.  Take care to avoid misspeaks.    How does fighting to be right hurt others and the soul?

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