Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mercury is Direct.

Mercury stations direct
March 28  10:59am EDT
16 Pisces 36

We can begin to breathe again.  The glitches, the miscommunications, the issues that make no sense, the insanity will stop being quite as intense.

Here's what we discussed at the beginning of the retrograde:

There is a mess up.  Or something breaks.   Or someone will say or do something that rattles our cage.  Why are we shaken?  Are we believing something stupid or is it real?  And if it is real do we need to clean up something whether it is a pattern or habit or some wreckage from our past?    What does our soul say?  Where is our spiritual motor?   Mercury retrograde in Pisces is a time when we can find faith.   Perhaps we have been phoning in our spiritual awareness for awhile and now when we get pushed and pulled by crazy just enough that we feel compelled to get quiet and ponder if there is something bigger out there guiding us.   Maybe we pray.  During Mercury retrograde in Pisces we benefit by going inside and finding our moral radar and our compassion.   How can our intuition be tapped?  Do you even remember how to access your intuition or inner compass?   This is the power of Pisces which lives in dream time, mystical, creative and spiritual.    Take the opportunity to relish this period of greater connection to Spirit and finding the areas of our life that need a little introspection.  Find your gut in the middle of mind chatter.     A little prayer can go a long way.   And compassion for others and self.

Now as Mercury straightens out.....

What did we learn about our faith?  Our fears?  Our feelings of overwhelm?    Did our intuition speak to us for 3 weeks?  Did we listen?  

Enjoy the unwinding of Mercury and see if things come up for fixing between now and April 16 when the shadow ends.

In the meantime, enjoy breathing again.

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