Tuesday, August 6, 2019

August 11 Jupiter & Uranus

August 11 
6:37am PDT 
Jupiter Station Direct 
14 Sag 30 

August 11 
Uranus station retrograde 
6 Taurus 36 

We can all put a red star on August 11 because it is no simple Sunday (USA Time zone).    On the 11thwe have two major planets change direction.   Jupiter who has been retrograde since April 10, will be stationing direct in the morning of the 11that 14 degrees of Sagittarius.   And in the early evening Uranus will station retrograde at 6 degrees of Taurus beginning its journey back to 2 degrees of Taurus on January 10th

We love Jupiter in Sag for being bold and visionary and standing up on a hill and saying, ‘Hey everyone there is something cool over there.  Let’s go check it out.”   However during the three month retrograde not everything ‘cool’ panned out.   Jupiter stationing direct suggests a more sober approach as we process our goals and visions that Sagittarius points out.    We are not cynical but we take a moment and make sure any opinion or philosophy or vision we embrace is in sync with our inner truth.      Jupiter will continue his new more measured journey in Sag until Dec 3 then he moves into conservative Capricorn.   Where in your life has the velocity accelerated since April?  How can this area still be inspired but calmer?  Where do you feel like you have moved from student to teacher?  How can you share your knowledge?  What special voice do you now own and someone needs to hear it?  Let’s get our Jupiter on in these last few months of his Sag journey.  He won’t be here again for a dozen years so now make the most of it!  

Uranus spends half the year every year in retrograde.   Globally there could be some sharp issues around banks, money, finances and more border issues.   Land use and private properties including businesses will be in the news.  Practical new innovation or the need for innovation will also be in the news.   Personally those people with planets at early Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius could feel chaos and changes from out of the blue.    There will be cage rattles for sure but what is important is how to respond to the changes.   Instead of feeling like it is ‘happening to me’ we should try our best to own the changes, ‘Okay now I’m doing this..”    Because we know mentally, it is better to drive the car than to be taken for a ride.   
Uranus will end this retrograde at 2 degrees Taurus on January 10.  Two days later will be the Saturn Pluto conjunction.   That is one of the most important aspects of the 21stcentury.    Watch what Uranus brings up for you during these next five months it may speak to what is important for you in the new environment that Saturn/Pluto will bring in January.    

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