Friday, September 13, 2019

Full Moon: Pisces September 13

Harvest Moon on this Friday the least in PDT,MDT &CDT
Full Moon Phase
September 13, 2019
9:32pm  PDT 
21 Pisces 05

Welcome to our Friday the 13th Harvest Moon for 2019.  The last time we had one was October 2000 and by the time we got to the Harvest Moon of 2001 --the world was different.  Sigh. 

 This Pisces full moon is on top of Neptune and both of them are opposite Sun in Virgo which conjuncts Mars about an hour after full moon.   And all of them square Jupiter in Sag.  Lord. 

The full moon phase like all the phases is about three and half days long.    As hard as we want to stay disciplined between now and disseminating (9/17) we will probably get tugged under some waves, like a broken down piece of kelp.  The To-Do list melts in our hands. The diet falls apart.  We can’t get our act together.   And there is the Mercury Venus conjunction in Virgo who can get lost in minutia—not seeing the bigger picture so our ability to get our thoughts together and present our ideas could also be weakened.   Thus, it is a three-day cycle of ping ponging between  “Lost in the waves” versus “Lost in the weeds.”

Luckily, Sun is trine to Pluto.  So we will be feeling a need to dig deep and find a way out. 

What do we do? 
We learn a skill (Virgo) that cuts (Mars) through all that overwhelms (Jupiter) where we connect to truth (Sag) that is important but can’t always be explained (Pisces) but we know it is true because our psyche ‘gut’ tells us so (Neptune).   The key is we have to get deep (Pluto) to find the path.   

Perhaps it is fast meditation that takes you to truth (in about a nano second.)  Something comes up that overwhelms or scares you and you are not sure what to do ---So you close your eyes, get quiet and you get the answer.   The ability to find a moment of clarity in a sea of noise is critical for all of us and during this full moon phase we will be tested how to find the clarity.  

To be clear it is not that the answer you get has to be a Yes or No, for sure that could be an answer but your gut could tell you ‘Call So&So and discuss.”  Or some other pragmatic answer.   There are so many answers to so many questions out there in the ethers it just needs us to learn how to get quiet and find our answer.   Prayer helps as well.   And things that appear random for example, you may be bopping along your day and 'suddenly' remember something important or you put two and two together that you never considered before that moment, this too is how our gut talks to us.   

Sleep could be all over the place.   Day dreams will be super high.  This is a very creative time.  

Don’t beat yourself up if you are behind schedule in anything --you need this fuzzy period to find your inner clock.   

Remember, you are your own wise soul but it takes a little work to find you.   

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