Friday, September 13, 2019

Jupiter /Neptune - September 21

Jupiter Square Neptune 
16 Sag/Pisces 59 
September 21 
9:43am PDT 

It is hard to believe that in all the crazy, cuckoo energy of wound up Virgo plus Saturn acceleration we also get the final square between Jupiter and Neptune.  
We have been feeling these two planets in their little war over faith all year with the first aspect hit on January 13 and the second on June 16.   You may want to go back to your calendar and see how you were challenged.  Where did you have a crisis of faith?   Did you have some big dreams that didn’t get realized?  Was it something small that just hurt enough to cause your cynic to emerge?   Have you learned something now that by this final aspect you are changing your approach or belief?   Or are you going to go back to the well of  disappointment again and learn yet another lesson?   Hard to tell.    Jupiter rules Sagittarius (where it is right now) and before Neptune was discovered Jupiter also ruled Pisces.    So there is a kinship between the two planets even when they are squared.  But they have big differences.   Jupiter in Sag is too opinionated.   Neptune in Pisces is too vague.   Where one explains why something should happen the other lifts up its hands in either prayer or frustration and say, “its not up to me.”     Finding the spot in between both approaches is not easy but the path is finding quiet and reflecting on routes that solve any hardness in the heart.   Do not fall into cynicism.  Do not fall into fantasy.    Neither are accurate, and they are too worldly.  Instead look for an inner compass that can only be found when you get quiet and are open.  Let that gift come with this final round between Jupiter & Neptune.   There is so much truth inside you, use this aspect to tune into it.  

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