Saturday, July 4, 2020

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse July 4

This lunar eclipse has the Sun in Cancer The Crab

And the Moon in Capricorn -the climbing goat 

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse 
13 Cap 38
July 4, 2020
9:44pm PDT

Every summer we have a Capricorn Full Moon however as we know, during the last two years we have been in a pattern of eclipses that ping pong between Cancer and Capricorn.     This cycle began in the summer of 2018 and ends with today’s Capricorn Full Moon Lunar eclipse.    The dates for this cycle are:

Partial SOLAR Eclipse 2018 July 12 22:47:47 20 Cancer 41 
Partial SOLAR Eclipse 2019 January 5 20:28:05 15 Capricorn 25 
Total SOLAR Eclipse 2019 July 2 15:16:06 10 Cancer 38 
Partial LUNAR Eclipse 2019 July 16 17:38:06 24 Capricorn 04 
Annular SOLAR Eclipse 2019 December 26 0:13:00 4 Capricorn 07 
Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse 2020 January 10 14:21:10 20 Cancer 00 
Annular SOLAR Eclipse 2020 June 21 2:41:19 0 Cancer 21 
Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse 2020 July 5 0:44:16 13 Capricorn 38

Look at those dates and consider your life as we look through the eclipse lens for the final eclipse.  

During these eclipses we have been pushed to look at our feelings and emotions and our place in the world.   We are looking at our family (of origin and choice) and our careers, jobs and how we move in society.    Cancer is the crab who has a tenderness so profound that he uses his hard shell and pinchers to keep others away from the tender.  The tender is the connection to the heart but if the hard shell does not shed and grow it can keep others away from that love.   The shell can be a lonely place.    Capricorn is the goat who can climb any mountain put in front of him.  They have a heat seeking missile for success and the harder the struggle the better but then what happens if they reach the top of success mountain and they look around and they are alone?     So, much about this cycle of eclipses speaks to our values in heart and psyche and our ability to be responsible.     What do we really value?   How are we accessing it and evolving?  What are we learning about what we really want?   How are we working hard for that goal?  Is that goal really connected to our true value that is in that tender spot?

This full moon eclipse is the final leg of the journey between heart, responsibility and our place in the world.  It is amazing that this cycle and final eclipse ends in the era of Covid-19.   We are physically and psychologically connected to our Cancer shell by being quarantined in it.   There are many of us who are connected to family and loved ones in ways that has not happened in the world for a hundred years.   There are others who are fighting hard to figure out ways to stay connected to love ones in this lonely period.   Also, we look at our businesses and wonder if they still connect to us?  Some people have lost jobs and income, making them feel as if their crab shell has been ripped off of them.   Are we all doing what we can to help those who need help?  Are we reaching out to others?  Are we connecting through our hearts?   Are we ‘sacrificing time’ (both Capricorn words) to be with others in a meaningful way even if it a call or text?   Perhaps all someone needs is a caller who listens to their struggles.  Maybe offer some ideas or solutions or maybe it is just to hear them and remind them that they are going to be okay.   This is the cozy that is so important to this Cancer Capricorn eclipse journey.    A lot of people are rattled deep in their fears and need a sober, Capricorn-ish voice who can just point out the practicality of the situation and help separate real issues from old fears.  

Of course, we cannot talk about this final Capricorn- Cancer eclipse without talking about our astrological landscape.  On July 1, a few days before the eclipse Saturn returned to Capricorn where it will be for five months until it leaves in December (for Aquarius) and not to return to Capricorn until 2047.    How interesting Saturn who rules Capricorn returns to his home sign just in time for the final lunar eclipse in Capricorn.   Also, on June 29 Jupiter got on top of Pluto in Capricorn (conjunction) bringing its large ideas to Pluto for mass evolution.   To get an understanding of this aspect take note that the two planets had their first join up on April 4.  What have you experienced between April 4 and June 29th?  How has it activated your tender and your responsible sides?  How have you had your own evolution?   Covid-19 is closely tied to these Capricorn planets and certainly the January 10th Capricorn eclipse.   Something unseen with the naked eye has opened up the world to all the cracks in our systems.   The cracks expose the ugly and the sad.   We should anticipate more stories of the cracks between now and November 12 when Jupiter gets on top of Pluto for the final time.  

On this eclipse chart, the Sun is conjunct Mercury which is a pronounced influence and can be felt between now and November 30 when we switch to Sagittarius/Gemini eclipse cycles.   We will need to ponder and think and talk a lot.  Cancer and Capricorn both are reserved so there is a quiet processing that takes place but the ability to pivot and communicate is key with Mercury.   Watch what comes up for you that suggests time to think, evolve and pivot.   In many ways the Mercury aspect is a gift because it telegraphs the next cycle of Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses.  Descartes said, “I think therefore I am” and that has merit with this eclipse and the following months.   What does our thinking say about who we are?   If your thoughts were another human would you want to hang out with that person?    Consider the pivots you may want to make in the next five months.  

Now would be a good time to talk about fear, sadness and anger in the United States.    As I have mentioned in many reports the USA is in the midst of its Pluto Return.   What that means is that on July 4, 1776 Pluto was at 27 degrees 13 minutes of Capricorn.    Pluto moves so slow that in 2022 will be the FIRST time Pluto has returned to that point since 1776.    Pluto speaks to power.  Group power.   We are in the Pluto return process now.   While one can argue that the USA’s founding had seeds of brilliance and enlightenment,  much borrowed from other societies (Roman, Greek and England) there still were roots that were corrupt not limited to but certainly slavery and indentured servitude and the greed component to the Industrial Revolution were part and parcel to the darker side of Pluto in the USA chart.     

All of us have incarnated to be here for this Pluto return.   Why are you here for it?   How is it impacting you?  It has not been easy to watch or read or see.    

Speaking very personal, as an astrologer and mother and someone who has been ‘weird’ my whole life, the pain I felt when I read about the death of the young Colorado man Elijah McClain shook me to my core.   Elijah was a man who was different, a man who volunteered his time to play the violin to cats in shelters.    My heart broke when I read how he pleaded with police officers and said he was an introvert and he never harmed anyone and is a vegetarian but he does not judge people who eat meat and said, “I have Moon in Gemini”----and then he  began to vomit from the hold on his neck and of course later died after a series of what I believe were terrible choices by those in authority on a grand level. 

 I speak candidly when I say, I left my body when I read it.   I pondered so much.   Why were police even called?   He was described as ‘threatening’ on the 911 call.  Why?   Many people have suggested he was on the spectrum, which I can see.   Who felt so threatened by a young, slight man (about 140 pounds) who maybe dressed different, walking down the street?  Long before Covid I see people with scarves and masks in public all the time in all seasons.  But some person decided Elijah was suspicious.   And then there was the police response. What made him suspicious to them?   Were those protocols appropriate?   Is there no ability to assess neurodiversity in policing?  Or are there specific people who are limited by their own beliefs that they can only see different as suspicious?  But even before they got there: Why put the police in this role?  Why is weird so threatening?    More will be discussed about ‘weird’ when Saturn returns to Aquarius and Jupiter conjoins Saturn in December.   

I share this story as one small human who is not immune from anger and sadness while the USA processes its Pluto return.    I am not frozen by anger or fear, I ponder and I do what I can to affect change that I believe serves the greater good.   Ironically, six months ago I was part of a public campaign to protect one of our local high schools that was about to lose a building to an outside group.   That building was the classrooms for older Special Need students (18-24) who were primarily brown and black.  Those of us front and center were grateful that the LAPD Magnet school also on the campus, which is  filled with students who want careers in policing, stood by and defended the marginalized special need community–together we saved the building for those students.  I have thought of that group of  LAPD students as I pondered Elijah.  They appear to me to be skilled to address some young man in the future who says, “I’m a vegetarian, I have Moon in Gemini”    

Having said that, it is going to take a lot of work from people in every corner to distill their fears, talk to each other and find solutions as the cracks reveal themselves.    Sure, there will be people hardened so much that they won’t leave their corners, frozen in anger and fear.    But for the rest of us, take the Pluto Return to connect with your own values and assess your own part and consider what you can do to help support the change you want to see in our government and industries.   See what is revealed to you during this eclipse and in the next few months about your role of tender, responsible and the USA Pluto Return.   You may be surprised.  

One last note 
Checking in at Café Astrology we see the last cycle of Cancer/Capricorn was 2000 & 2001.  What was going on with you then and how have you morphed since then?  What if you could go back in time and tell yourself then that you know now?     It is also worth noting that today’s eclipse is the same degree as July 5, 2001 eclipse which was a run up to 9/11.   We could feel an echo off that tender period this eclipse cycle.   

Dec 25, 2000 12:22 PM Sun 4 Cap 14 Conjunct Moon 4 Cap 14(SE)
Jan 9, 2001 3:24 PM Sun 19 Cap 39 Opposition Moon 19 Can 39(LE)
June 21, 2001 7:58 AM Sun 0 Can 11 Conjunct Moon 0 Can 11(SE)
July 5, 2001 11:04 AM Sun 13 Can 39 Opposition Moon 13 Cap 39(LE)Dec 14, 2001 3:47 PM Sun 22 Sag 56 Conjunct Moon 22 Sag 56(SE)
Dec 30, 2001 5:40 AM Sun 8 Cap 48 Opposition Moon 8 Can 48(LE)

In the meantime, take good care of self and mind your crab shell and your mountain goat.  

Happy 4th of July. 


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