Saturday, July 4, 2020

Saturn Returns to Capricorn July 1

I apologize for getting this up late.  I had a broken computer, so perfect Mercury retrograde that did not get returned to me until late this week.  

Saturn returns to Capricorn 

July 1, 2020 
4:36pm PDT

Feb 3, 2020 Shadow begins 25 Cap
May 10 Saturn Retro 1 Aquarius 50
July 1 Saturn re-enters Cap 
Sept 29 Saturn direct 
Dec 17 Saturn returns to Aquarius
Jan 12 Saturn Shadow Ends 1 Aquarius 50

In May (5/10) Saturn turned retrograde in Aquarius.  On July 1 it returns to Capricorn for its final round of important work.   Issues around career, prestige and where we put ourselves out ‘there’ in the world at large will be revisited.    Saturn likes being in Capricorn so he really will savor these few months to help us get our ‘Cap’ on.   Capricorn is our governments, industries, corporations, systems that work.   Where any of these are broken will benefit by Saturn’s keen eye and a whisk broom.  Saturn walks in and says, “Let’s clean this joint up”.   Saturn entered Capricorn Dec 19, 2017 and will wrap up for the final time December 17th.   A lot will have our attention between July 1 and Dec 17.    There are those individuals who put a lot of emphasis on their career.   Great.  But they would be wise now to ask if their career lines up with their values?  There are those people who don’t give two figs about a career.  Does that hands-off approach help or hurt their family or world?  There are some people who are always looking up some ladder that they are climbing. Does that hurt their world?  Are they missing the nuances of life because they are so driven to ‘succeed’?   There are some people who eschew ladders.  Are they missing an opportunity to lead people or family in a way that betters their homes or community?  
Saturn is super responsible.  It can man up’and tackle any job it sets its mind to do. It can be super practical and wise.  Saturn can also be super negative, depressed and insecure.  It can be fearful.  That insecurity can also look like snobbery.  Above it all-ness.   It feels and looks frozen.   The antidote to fear, frozen snobbery, insecurity is action.    Consider if you can learn something from Saturn in its home sign between now and December 17 because it won’t be back until 2047 and that is a long time to wait to do something important in your life. 

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