Thursday, July 16, 2020

Mercury Direct

Mercury Direct  
July 12 

6/1: Mercury shadow begins
6/17: Mercury retrograde 14 Cancer 46
7/12: Mercury station direct 5 Cancer 29
7/26: Mercury Shadow ends

I want to do a late shout out on Mercury turning direct on July 12.     My own Mercury retrograde plate was so full it was hard to get back here and announce Mercury has station direct.  I believe we call that irony. 

How were your emotions and feelings during the cycle?  Were you snappy like a big old crab’s pinchers? Were people getting on your last nerve?  For sure, it is hard enough managing Mercury retrogrades in general, but I think god has quite a sense of humor to give us water Mercury Retrogrades in the middle of pandemic.  Big emotions, tight quarters, Mercury retrograde, lots to be felt and learned.  Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!

As the retrograde unwinds consider how your emotions spoke to something inside you that was not being addressed.   Did an ache of sadness or anger deep inside you show up?  Did you connect to the need under those emotions?    Was it an unaddressed fear?  Was it an unaddressed action that needs to be taken?     Watch and see if more information rolls out between now and the time of the shadow ends on July 26. 

Our next Mercury retrograde will be this fall in Scorpio with a little dip into Libra.  For those of you who are Americans it will turn direct on the date of the election.

Next Retrograde dates:
Sept 23 Mercury shadow begins 
Oct 13 9:05pm PDT   Mercury Retrograde 11 Scorpio 40
Nov 3  9:50am PST  Mercury Direct 25 Libra 56
Nov 19 Mercury shadows end 

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