Tuesday, June 23, 2020

This Week In Astrology

This week in astrology has us still being impacted by this weekend’s solar eclipse.   
Matters around emotions and feelings (knowing the difference) have our attention.  Learning when to swim with the emotions, float with them and when to dive under the emotions and feelings so you don’t end up drowning in them.  

On Monday  Neptune turned retrogradefor its annual backward trek where we revisit moments that speak to our soul and humanity.   We are going back to the shadow point of  March 2.   Some themes from then may come up for us to think and ponder.  We may even fine tune our prayers.   Do we pray for one thing one day and then pray for something else the next day?  Is there a way to get some altitude and find the general theme that needs to be addressed by prayer?  Or if not prayer how do you need to fine tune faith?    

On Wednesday (Thursday) at 10:48pm PDT Venus stations direct having been retrograde since May 12.    When one big planet changes direct in a week, we can all feel it.   When two planets change direction it has an even greater impact.  The fact that these two planets are changing direction so close to the Cancer Solar eclipse adds another layer of intensity to the week.    The 29 day cancer cycle we are in speaks to water energy.  Neptune and Venus changing direction is like two big boulders being dropped in a pool---kerplunk for sure but take a look at the waves.    One note about these ‘waves’ is that both Venus and Neptune are ‘love’ planets.   Venus is the love we have in our relationships.   It is very personal.  Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and it is about love for humanity.   Caring about something/someone or a cause greater than your personal world is Neptune.   We have learned a lot since May 12 about our personal loves and now with Neptune turning retrograde we will learn more about our values for humanity.    

On June 27 Mars moves into Aries.   This year it is hard to talk about Mars’ move into its home sign without saying WTF.   To be clear Mars is in its home sign usually once every 15 months or so.  But this year is different since it will be retrograde in the fall.    

On June 29 Jupiter will connect with Pluto.   This is the second of three rounds (final one in fall).   It is no small affair and part and parcel to the drama of 2020.   

It is not a small week

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