Friday, June 5, 2020

Lunar Eclipse: Sagittarius Full Moon June 5

A full moon on red high heels 

June 5
12:12pm PDT 
15 Sag 34

This full moon lunar eclipse is the first of three eclipses.  June 5 (lunar) June 20 (solar) July 4 (lunar).  That is a lot of eclipses in four weeks.   Even if a human knows nothing of astrology, I am pretty sure they are feeling the tension of the extraordinary period we are in.   I reminded everyone a couple months ago that some of the cycles we are in have not occurred in decades and hundreds of years.  One of them being the January 12th aspect of Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.   We are still dealing with the aspect that launched 2020.   These two planets only come together once every thirty years.  The last time they were together was 1982 and the last time they were together in the sign of Capricorn was 1518.  During that 1518 aspect, Martin Luther pushed back on the authority which he deemed corrupt.  This was one man, who wrote a note, nailed it on the door of his church and changed the course of religion and world history.   It was the beginning of the Reformation Era.   In addition, in August of 1518, King Charles authorized Spain to ship enslaved people directly from Africa to the Americas.  Slavery rose dramatically.    While we now sit back in our chairs and sigh over the lack of a moral compass to enslave anyone, that was not the case in 1518.   To them, it was simply a business model.   Capricorn is business.  Pluto is power.  Saturn is structure.  A business launched and a country was built on the backs of enslaved humans.    And here we are now with a chance to revisit a cruel system that was based on the color of skin.   What will we do?   What are the ghosts of 1518?   Not just slavery ghosts but industry models built from that era.  For more information on how we are impacted by the ghosts of slavery in modern era go to Pulitzer prize   Project 1619.   During this pandemic (also tied to Saturn Pluto) we are considering who is essential labor?  How are they treated?   For more information on inequities of Covid 19 and workers go to this piece from the non partisan Econofact .

The nation and the world have an opportunity to go into a new gear about race and about the shadow side of big businesses as we consider if, and are, they built on something that does or does not line up with our values?   This is where the power of eclipses comes into play and we ask questions.  We must refrain from going into our hard corners, our know-it-all place where we hold our ground.  It is critical to consider if now is the time to pivot.  Are we learning?   This the important gift of Gemini and Sag solar and lunar eclipses. 

Eclipses come in cycles where they ping pong between two signs every six months for  two years.   The Cancer/Capricorn pattern began November 2018 and will wrap up July 4.    There is always a dove tail of one cycle wrapping after the launch of a new cycle and that is case with today’s eclipse which begins the Gemini – Sagittarius cycle.   An argument can be made that this eclipse is less weighty as the final June 20 Cancer solar eclipse given it is on the solstice but make no mistake this Sag lunar eclipse has a punch.   

On the eclipse chart, Mars, the warrior, is at odds with the Sun and the moon by forming a T square.  If you don’t know astrology visualize the face of a clock.  Visualize Mars on the 12, put the Sun on the 3 and put the Moon on the 9.    The sun and the moon (like the 3 and 9 on the clock) are opposite each other.   They are doing their thing like a teeter totter.  In this case, the Sun in Gemini is looking for facts and looking for data.   The Moon in Sag is forming big picture ideas.  It is forming beliefs.   When Gemini and Sag behave, they elevate each other’s knowledge.   When both signs misbehave, Gemini goes out and gets data but remains shallow, can’t put a big thought together because it is overwhelmed by too much information and can’t lock a coherent thought.    When Sag misbehaves it forms an opinion or sticks to a belief that does not match the facts on the ground.  It can miss an evolution that has occurred.   It holds on to outdated thoughts.   This is going to be our work for the next two years.   Finding data and forming big thoughts and beliefs.  Sometimes the data will indeed match our beliefs but if we do not update with new on the ground facts then we risk obsolete thinking.   All thinking is up for review.  Thoughts up close about family, friends, jobs, neighbors and bigger thoughts about community, industries, government and systems.   Every Gemini- Sag eclipse will have its own chart and flavor by the planets impacting the sun and moon but it will still be centered on our thinking.    Today’s eclipse will have a ripple effect to December 14 when we have the first Solar eclipse in Sag.  

Back to Mars.  Mars is passion and a warrior. Mars is when we put on our red shoes and go to battle.   Rarely does Mars take down his weapon but in the water sign Pisces his fight speaks to compassion and love.  There is justice for the under-dog but it is guided by intuition or something bigger inside than it can’t explain.  It is propelled by something muted as there is an unworldliness to Mars in Pisces.  This fuzzy factor is pushing on Gemini and Sag to find the facts, that inform the beliefs but asks a question: Are you stopping and remembering the human in humanity?   Even the human in the enemy?

Venus who is retrograde is next to the Sun in Gemini and also being informed by Mars.   Venus and Mars are the lovers and with this eclipse they are squabbling.  Venus is getting wound up in her thinking figuring out her values. Mars says, “To hell with thinking let’s act on our values.”   Venus responds, “I don’t know my values right now.”    People may want to act on something but are unsure and frustrated.  Maybe even depressed.     The last time Venus was retrograde in Gemini was spring 2012. What was going on in your life then?  Are you revisiting it now?  How have your values changed since then?   On this eclipse we all get informed about our values.  What does your on-the- ground experience right now say to your values?   Are you being valued?   Was there something you didn’t do then that you should do now?  Are you racing in like a warrior for your values?  Are you stopping down before you race and making sure you are connected to your intuition?   Always with Gemini, are you breathing?  

With Gemini, Sag and Pisces our brains are in overwhelm during the eclipse, we are served if we go back to the face of the clock.   The 12 has the Mars, Sun on the 3, moon on the 9--- the one relief is the empty spot is the opposite of 12 and that is the 6.   For this chart that means the sign Virgo.   We find relief when go down to the studs in our hourly schedule.  Are we fed? Do we need to go for a walk?  Do we need to clean?  Do we need to do our hygiene?  Do we need to pay bills?   Do we have a to-do list?   Do we need to check off an item?  This is where we get our respite.  It is not a refuge to hide from the eclipse.  We must remain dutiful that our opinions and beliefs are not obsolete.   Consider every person you talk to (Gemini) as an opportunity to build a new bridge (Sag) to your own opinions about you and fellow humans (Pisces).  But at the same time take care and nurture self and loved ones.      

These are remarkable astrological times.   We will be dealing with extraordinary matters for the next four years.  But God in his infinite wisdom has given us this two- year cycle of Gemini and Sagittarius so we learn how to pivot on our thinking and assess our beliefs.  We will have a lot to process.   Take the opportunities offered by this full moon and eclipse to figure out what you need to figure out and always remember you don’t know what you don’t know but the ability to pivot is a gift and important skill as we go forward.

God speed to Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse 

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  1. Thank you for this piece; and all that you have previously shared over the past many years!
    I often stop by to read your current analysis yet have never thanked you for the time and consideration you put into your, Thank You, you are absolutely appreciated!
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