Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Mars enters Aries. Here we go! Ouch Ahead

Mars enters Aries
 June 27, 2020

July 25 Mars enters shadow 15 Aries 14
Sept 9 Mars stations retrograde 28 Aries 08
Nov 13 Mars station direct 15 Aries 14
Jan 2 Mars leaves shadow 
Jan 6 Mars enters Taurus 

We will be talking a lot about Mars this summer and fall.  Mars is normally in a sign for about six weeks.  However, when it retrogrades it is in a sign for many months.  Such is the case with Mars this year who enters Aries on June 27 and does not enter Taurus until next January.   Mars in its fiery home sign will bring more energy and action than any of us can imagine.   Get a seat down front because it is going to be a real time, knock em out, battle between breaking new ground and challenging status quo when Mars bumps into squares with Capricorn planets.   More will be discussed in the next reports but we should all be aware of the energy shifting on June 27 when we enter a fire zone.

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