Monday, June 15, 2020

Mercury Retrograde June 17/18

Mercury Retrograde 
June 17, 2020 
9:58 pm PDT
14 Cancer 46

6/1: Mercury shadow begins
6/17: Mercury retrograde 14 Cancer 46
7/12: Mercury station direct 5 Cancer 29
7/26: Mercury Shadow ends

This Mercury retrograde takes place in entirety in Cancer.  As we discussed Mercury is the planet of our human computer and during the retrograde we have another opportunity to reboot our thinking.  
With this Mercury retrograde, our thinking and our communication will be about home, feelings, family (both family of birth and family of choice).   Cancer the crab, has a hard shell of protection and strong pinchers.   We should all prepare during this Mercury retrograde for people to be over-sensitive and use those pinchers.  Snappy comments will be in overload.   If anyone on god’s green earth has the ability to hold their tongue during this Mercury retrograde, they will be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.    

The last time Mercury was retrograde entirely in Cancer was June/July 2013.  You may want to consider what was going on then, were there any reboots you did that missed something important?  Is there anything that took place regarding home, family and feelings that didn’t get addressed that you would now like to tackle?    You may have an opportunity to address those issues this time around.  
The pre-shadow started on June 1, we should watch what has come up after that point and note we may have revisit some of it. Once Mercury stations direct on July 12 things should soften and certainly any confusion will clear by the shadow end on July 26. 

As always, with any Mercury retrograde, double check paperwork, try to avoid big purchases, if you are traveling confirm any reservations.   Double check every email before you hit send and ask yourself, “Is this too snappy?”  If you are fine with it then be prepared for any repercussions.    If your goal is to set a boundary (Cancer the crab hard shell) talk to a friend or ally and ask them if there is another way to set up the boundary without just a snap. 

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