Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Basking in Pisces but remember.......


Pacific Ocean 

We continue to bask in the beautiful Pisces lunar waxing moon.   Our emotions are lapping on us. Some times they can feel soft and gentle other times they can feel like a crashing wave.   How we respond is up to us but never forget that the emotions are speaking to us.  Why are they coming up?  Is our tender coming up to remind us that we have grown too harsh?  Is an old fear lapping on our feet?   Is there an old grievance rushing in?   Is it kindness spraying our face?   What ever the emotion let it speak to you.   Not just for this moment but also allow it to inform you on what kind of emotional experiences you want in the the upcoming new lunar zodiac year.  

Next month on April 11 will be Aries new moon.  This is the beginning of the lunar 12 month year and at that time we will make our treasure maps.   It will be an energized period with a lot to consider and process.  But in the meantime, let's take all this Pisces cycle to get informed by our sensitive emotions.  

Also remember to clear out the clutter between now and April 11. 


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