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Libra Full Moon: March 28th.


Libra Full Moon on a scale 

Libra Full Moon 

8 Libra 18 


March 28, 2021 

11:48am PDT 


So, with astrology, we could be in the middle of a personal upswing, or maybe we are in a personal low.  A seasoned astrologer looking at a personal chart could say, ‘Oh, excellent, Jupiter is transiting your Venus, great time to expand your world, maybe meet someone”  or on the other side, “Saturn transit square your Mercury which contributes to negative thinking”.   How the transiting (& progressed) planets impact your personal chart have great influence on your journey.   But in those personal ups and downs we are still moving in the world and that is when we benefit by the mundane (meaning ‘of the world’) astrological reports.  

Distilling down these mundane astrological influences  basically provide ---astrological weather reports.    


On April 11 (7:30pm PDT), the biggest weather report for the 12-month lunar year will launch and at that time and we will activate our own Treasure Maps.    But, before the important Aries New Moon activates in April, we get to process important emotions with this Libra Full Moon.


The chart for the Libra Full moon has the following aspects: 

Moon oppose Sun

Moon oppose Venus

Moon Trine Mars

Moon Trine Saturn 

Sun conjunction Venus 

Sun sextile  Saturn 

Sun conjunction Chiron 

Moon oppose Chiron 


This is a lot of action for a full moon chart.   We will lean deep into Libra.  


Libra asks us to find balance, it is the scales.  It speaks to being fair or find fairness.   We learn the power in negotiations and compromises.   For many people, compromise  is a dirty word, as if we are giving ourselves over, handing over our personal power to someone else’s will.   But Libra understands compromise is finding the middle ground, the place where we can agree.  Finding the power in ‘give and take’ is the gift in Libra.     


Venus, Mars and Saturn predominate this chart and are in responsive supportive aspects.   Mars and Saturn speak to practical work and are in strong connection to the moon,  so much that during this full moon phase, even some of the most stubborn people, the kind who won’t give up an ‘inch’ to save their life, may find themselves taking a moment and asking, “Shit, is this war I am fighting with ____ worth it?”   Again, depending on personal charts and the aspects impacting the chart are critical but still the weather forecast for this three-day window supports being practical about finding middle ground.  There could be stories in the news that speak to justice since the scales of justice connect to Libra’s since of fairness and will note inequities.  


Libra full moon also asks us to look at the work in front of us.  Are we doing too much?  Is it time for others to step up?  Is it time for us to pull back?  Or is it time for us to step up more?  Perhaps it is time to stop relying on others to do our work.    


Venus as the ruling planet of Libra is also highlighted in this chart and it has a bit more juice as well since it is on top of the Sun in Aries and opposes the moon.   Venus is our values, it is our money, it is beauty, it is creativity, it is our love.  It speaks to our self love.   This is a reminder that in our journey of relating,  we MUST not forget self.  Getting lost in our partner is misguided during Libra full moon.   Yes, Libra is the sign of partnerships and relationships but that does not mean giving up self.  Being a mirror and only reflecting partner or partner’s needs is missing the point of being in a relationship.   Things may come up this window that point to unaddressed issues that are baked into our values, baked into our ability to receive and give love, including self-love,  take the time to process those needs.   



Hitting that same point on the power of  ‘self’  is also Chiron, which has been in Aries since 2018 and will continue to remain in Aries until 2027.   Chiron is a minor planet (formerly labeled asteroid) and in astrology it speaks to our wounds, self- inflicted wounds.  Of course, children born during this nine-year window will have Chiron in Aries in their natal charts and they will tap into that independent Aries spirit in some manner in their life.  Although, it may be clumsy at first.  The previous Chiron in Aries generation was born between 1968-1976 and during that era when they were babies, we saw the Aries penchant for liberation in the world.   For example, birth control and women pursuing careers which delayed marriage and children but also offered a clearer sense of self in relationships.  Gay liberation launched with Stonewall in the summer of 1969 along with Woodstock (youth independence) and the USA’s landing man on the moon—which could not speak more to Chiron in Aries if it tried.   Obviously, not every summer or every year is so pronounced with Chiron in Aries activities, however historians of astrology will have no problems identifying the warrior Aries in 2020 and now.   

During this 2018-2027 period there will be some Aries, new and full moons and Libra new and full moons that will be touched by Chiron.   This full moon is one of them, in this case Chiron is less than 1 degree aspect to Sun/Moon.   We should expect some stories of independence in the news.   Personally, see what comes up for you that prompts you to wonder about going your own way, or making a new inroad that speaks more to your authentic self.    You may or may not have an answer to your path, but that inner prompt could be important after April 11 when we go into treasure mapping our future for 2021-2022.    This is the beauty of having this full moon two weeks before Aries’ new moon.  Our psyches get pricked with information which we start mulling and perhaps it will show up in some manner as a particular goal for our Treasure Map.   


Saturn in Aquarius also reminds us the power in finding like-minded people, or groups.  12 step or other socially aware, or humanitarian groups could be highlighted.  Also, Aquarius is modern technology, perhaps this full moon is when we realize hiding in ‘techno ignorant’ is not a path to our future.   Use the full moon to consider asking for help in your technological world.  


As we discussed at Pisces new moon, we are still in a cycle that is asking us to lean into kindness and creativity and also letting things melt away.   This three-day full moon cycle is a nice inner cycle and complement to the bigger Pisces 29-day cycle.  Finding our humanitarian and meeting people where they are not where we want them to be is paramount.   Let the judgments melt, focus on you and being a diplomat not just to them but to yourself as you consider your more authentic and balanced path going forward. 

Happy Passover to those who celebrate.   

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