Monday, May 24, 2021

Lunar Eclipse. Full Moon Sag. May 26. 4:13am PDT


Full Sag moon on a fridge 

Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 

May 26, 2021 

4:13am PDT

5 Sag 25 


Ah, eclipse season has arrived!   So, there are three eclipses this year that are tied to each other and the first one is this lunar eclipse in Sag, followed by the annular Solar eclipse in two weeks on June 10th  (launch of the Gemini New moon).   Then the companion Solar eclipse to these two eclipses will be the Total solar eclipse on December 3.    


All of these eclipses bounce between Gemini and Sagittarius putting the emphasis on knowledge communication, beliefs, goals that inspire, facts, truth, education and travel, both long distance and short trips.    While these are not the emotional eclipses that were activated the last two years around Cancer and Capricorn that brought out a lot of our fears around family and business, roots and systems, these Gemini Sag eclipses can get our brains on fire as we have to process a LOT of information and perhaps do quick pivots that can be jarring.   


In order to have a full moon, it means that the Moon and the Sun are in opposition to each other, in  this case it is the Sun in Gemini eclipsing the moon in Sag.   The moon in Sag is fiery, big, it can ignite and warm its community.  Like any good fire it needs air to survive; and Gemini is the air sign.   Take out the air and the fire dies.   But air without fire is both cold and unorganized.  Gemini can have lots of thoughts and facts but it needs Sag to step back and get a bigger picture.    Sagittarius can go long on big picture and a lot of opinions, but it will be out of step with reality if it does not have an accurate understanding of the facts on the ground.  


 In a lunar eclipse the shadow covers the moon so on some level we all need to guard against shooting off our mouth.  Hypocrites will be noticed by all.   Even the ones in our mirror.    During the Sag full moon three-day cycle, it is a great time to  expand our world, perhaps plan a trip.  It is good to reach out and get informed and update our knowledge bank.   It is also a very good time to lean into our generous side, not just monetarily speaking but being generous with others who have a different set of opinions.   Is there anything to learn by a conversation with those on the other side of a topic?  In addition, we all would benefit by going deeper into the weeds to source our own opinions,  maybe we are being overly influenced by someone or a news source that is so focused on their own agenda that we need to unplug and recalibrate how we get to the opinions that we form.   


Breathing and  stepping back is a good note on this full moon eclipse especially given the chart has a  square with the biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter.     Jupiter in Pisces is dreamy, creative, mystical, unworldly and a bit fuzzy.    Jupiter Pisces squaring the Sun and Moon looks at analytical Gemini and brash Sagittarius and laughs, “You guys think you know it all but you don’t.   I’m over here meditating and communicating with my higher power finding my heart, meanwhile you duke it out, for what?”  


Now is the time to let go of some of those facts and opinions especially if they separate you from humanity.    See if you have to drop a battle or two to win peace in your mind and your heart.    


Finally, Sagittarius is a humorist, find those books, websites and youtubes that make you laugh.   That helps any mental bump. 


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