Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Saturn Station Retrograde. May 23.




May 23, 2021

 2:18am PDT   

Saturn station retrograde (13 Aquarius 31)


October 10, 2021

7:17pm PDT  

Saturn station direct  (6 Aquarius 53) 



Saturn retrogrades every year  for about four/five months.   Saturn is the planet of responsibilities and takes over two years in a sign.  Once it leaves a sign it will not return to it for about twenty-eight years.  Saturn can do quite a number when it is in a sign and usually is easy to identify by its action.  


For example,  Saturn the planet of restrictions, moved into Aquarius the sign of community in 2020 right when the world went into lock down and everyone was sent home to live their lives.   Aquarius also rules technology and certainly Saturn made  sure we all knew the importance of  Zoom.   Saturn returned to Capricorn last summer during that retrograde then re-entered  Aquarius in December for the long haul.   On this retrograde it will stay in the one sign and move from 13 degrees to 6 degrees of Aquarius.  


Retrograde Saturn provides an opportunity to slow down and fix the areas of the sign that need fixing.  In this case it speaks to community, groups, group thinking, like minded concepts and innovation.    It is interesting that this retrograde is happening as the USA turns a corner and people are venturing out of their homes.   Aquarius is how we all connect.   How we connect with our tribes and people whom we feel sympatico.    Saturn retrograde in Aquarius may suggest that the life we lead before Covid needs more fine tuning.   Perhaps, prior to Covid we felt that we didn’t need community or a tribe.  We had little focus beyond our partner or our family or our work but now we see that approach is perhaps too limiting of a lifestyle?   Or maybe we were too identified with a tribe or group and now during the retrograde we realize we are no longer in sync with those values.  Remember we will not get Saturn in Aquarius again until 2050 so a lot of these kinks in our community need to get worked on during this retrograde and when it returns to direction motion before Saturn moves into Pisces in 2023. 


Technological issues will be in the news especially as we head towards the second round of Saturn square Uranus on June 14.  Once Saturn turns retrograde the tension will build between the traditional  (Saturn) and innovative (Uranus).  Cracks will appear that speak to a need for a practical change (Uranus in Taurus). Weaknesses in society (Saturn in Aquarius) get our attention.   Personally, this drama is impacting the houses where we have Taurus and Aquarius on some level but of course people with planets between 7-14 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) are really feeling the aspect.  They may feel over worked, have too many responsibilities and a general feeling of ‘blah’ or maybe depression.   The antidote to depression is of course, ‘action’.  Being active in charity or community activities, even simple actions like volunteering at a bake sale or cleaning a river with a group can help take the edge off any negative energy so can 12 step meetings.   Saturn will leave Aquarius in early 2023 and many people who feel the grind now will be surprised by how much they accomplish by 2023.  


The Saturn retrograde will wrap up on October 10 and while it will not be a whole new world by the time we get there, we will have new insights as to what we feel and what we are doing with our tribes and community between now and then.   Again, hanging out in our values this cycle for the launch of Saturn retrograde will be informative.  


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