Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Astrology This Week. July 5- July 9


Astrology this Week


We are in the Balsamic phase of the Gemini moon.  This is our last phase before the Cancer New Moon launches on July 9th.   We release our rigidity.  We release where we are hanging on too hard, like the Ice Age Squirrel with his frozen nut.   What do we need to release?  What is stuck? Is it our thinking?  Our communication?  Our siblings?  Our neighbors?     We let go of our mental fritzes that no longer serve us so we can use our emotions and our feelings to motivate new beginnings on the July 9thNew Moon. 




Balsamic Moon Phase


July 5 

4:39pm PDT      


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  



Focus on How are you releasing your rigidity?  How are you releasing, being stuck? How are you holding on too tight to something old and comfortable?  How can you release that grasp? 


Special focus: 

7:6 Mercury square Neptune. Fuzzy thinking and fuzzy communication.   Take a breath before you go too far on that information. 

7/6:  Venus oppose Saturn.  Love/Money/Values feel strapped or cold.  What maturation needs to take place around those issues?  As frustrating as it can be, consider timing or delays to be divine. 


7/8: Venus square Uranus.  Money and Love feel bold but out of step with values.  What needs to be liberated?  Or where are you too liberated and how is it impacting love, money and values?   



Cancer New Moon July 9, 18 Cancer 02 6:15pm PDT 

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