Monday, April 11, 2022

Astrology of this week - April 11 - April 19.


First Quarter Moon 

April 8, 2022

11:47pm PDT   


Monday of this week we continue the first quarter phase.  


Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speak to your emotions?  What actions are connected to your roots?  What actions are you using to propel you towards your goals?   How are you harnessing your emotions for big actions?  


On the final day of the first quarter, Jupiter conjunction Neptune, the largest aspect of the year takes place.   It is an extraordinary aspect that takes place every thirteen years.   However, the last time they hooked up in the sign Pisces was 1856 and they won’t do it again in Pisces until 2188.   Highly unlikely any of us will be here in 2188 so we should make the most of it now and certainly improve upon what those did with it in 1856.     If you are feeling fuzzy blame Jupiter and Pisces.  If your dreams are weird and you are playing a little bit more in fantasy, it is just the conjunction getting your attention.   



Special Note

4/12: Jupiter conjunction Neptune (see above) 



Gibbous Moon

April 12, 2022 

10:33pm PDT   



Focus on:  What is going on with your schedule?  How are your daily activities in sync with your identity?   What needs to be added to your calendar that is more in sync?  What needs to be jettison because you have moved on?   Where to you need more discretion?   What goals need more fine tuning?  


Special focus

4/14: Mars enters Pisces.  Actions based on something unworldly.  Fuzzy feelings and intuition guide actions.   Warriors for spirituality may get our attention.   Internally our trust speaks for some of our actions.  




Full Moon Phase – 

26 Libra 46 

April 16, 2020



If you have not made your treasure map by this time.  Do NOT make a map.   Skip this year and you can do it next year.  That’s okay to sit out a year.  Farmers let fields go fallow and sometimes we need to do the same.  



Focus on 

What is going on with your relationships?  How are you finding balance?  When you show up with your authentic self, how do others respond?  How do you value partnerships?  How do partners value you?   How do find the value in negotiations?   Go HERE for more.  




Special focus 


4/17:  Mercury conjunction Uranus.  Weird, out of the blue thoughts and communications.  Connections that come from left field.  

4/18: Sun square Pluto.  Break throughs and break outs.  Where is identity?  How does it find power?   

4/19: Sun enters Taurus.   Energies based on concreteness and practicality get our attention.   Being pragmatic makes more sense. 



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