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Jupiter Conjunction Neptune - April 12


Jupiter & Neptune  (Wikipedia) 

Jupiter Conjunction Neptune 

April 12, 2022 

7:42am PDT 

23 Pisces 58


Jupiter is heading towards Neptune for the big conjunction on April 12 at 7:42am PDT.    This is, by far, one of the biggest aspects for 2022.   The last time the two of them came together was in 2009 and that was in the sign of Aquarius.    This time the conjunction is in Pisces which will can expand our humanitarian and compassionate natures.   We could say, “There by the grace of god”.  Given this aspect is occurring in the Aries lunar month suggests to me that Jupiter/Neptune is more about action in the face of humanitarian emotions.   Empathy rather than just pity.    


With Jupiter and Neptune there is an emphasis on spirituality, trust, faith and metaphysics.   There is also a cultural component to the aspect with emphasis on music and arts.  The last time Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Pisces was 1856.   The birth of the blues and birth of photography connect to the last round in Pisces.   This aspect is a highly creative aspect and many astrologers point out the last conjunction in 2009 connects with the mega hit movie Avatar full of fantasy, technology, and very big like Jupiter and fantastical like Neptune in Aquarius.   The last time Jupiter & Neptune formed a conjunction in Pisces was just prior to the onset of the Civil War.    The tension was high in America between those who thought there was a place in the nation’s future with slavery versus those who thought there was no place for it.   By the time of the next conjunction in 1869, the Civil War was complete, slavery abolished but Jim Crow thrived.  


While Jupiter and Neptune can call upon us to tap our creativity and our mystical and our humanitarian, we should be cautious.   There may be more work to be figured out.   This conjunction will reveal more in June 2025 at the time of the first square.  


In the meantime, enjoy the bounce and elevation that comes with this aspect.   We should technically feel it for the next couple of weeks.  



For more on Jupiter/Neptune this is a good read.


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