Thursday, June 2, 2022

Mercury stations direct June 3 PDT June 2 EDT


Mercury Retrograde 

April 26:   Mercury shadow begins

May 10 4:37am PDT:  Mercury station retrograde 4 Gemini 52

May 22:  Mercury re-enters Taurus 

June 3 1:00am PDT Mercury station direct 26 Taurus 5 

June 13 Mercury enters Gemini 

June 18:  Mercury shadow ends 


As Mercury unwinds from the retrograde, we may learn something that will change our thinking on matter(s) since  May 10th (date of retrograde) and even going back to the shadow point on April 26.  


The greatest takeaway from Mercury in Gemini and the period of direct motion after the retrograde up until the crossing the shadow point (June 18) is the ability to adapt.    Perhaps our thinking was one way and now with more information we realize that the previous thinking is incomplete or misguided so now we pivot. 


What data is lapping up on our shores now that informs us of something new?  How does it impact our thinking?   What changes do we need to make with this new information? 


When Mercury returns to Gemini on June 13th, we will be halfway through our Gemini lunar month.   This is a good time to take a breath.    


We should feel like there are some new mental landscapes after June 18.   


Give yourself mental diets.  Do you have to watch wall to wall news?  Can you put down your screens and catch up with a friend or family? 


Remember during Mercury in Gemini (retrogrades included) are periods when we benefit by rebooting our brains.   Take the 13th to get quiet.   Don’t worry your phone and laptop will be right where you left them, and you can proceed on the 14th.   


Our next Mercury retrograde is September 9 – October 2.    Enjoy your summer!  

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