Saturday, June 11, 2022

Neptune Retrograde: June 28, 2022


Neptune Retrograde 


June 28, 2022 

12:54am PDT 

25 Pisces 26 


Neptune enters shadow 

March 7, 2022 


Neptune stations direct

December 3, 2022 

22 Pisces 38 


Neptune exits shadow 

March 24 2023 



Neptune spends half of every year retrograde.    In 2011 Neptune entered Pisces and in 2025 it will have its first entry into Aries.      When Neptune enters Aries, it will be part of a team of important astrological changes.   Three of the generational planets will all transit into new signs ushering in a big astrology era.  In 2023 Pluto goes into revolutionary Aquarius, in 2025 Neptune enters Aries and in 2026 Uranus moves into Gemini.   There is now and then there will be then.  It will be a world of difference.   We will talk about it a lot going forward.  However, now as Neptune is still in its home sign of Pisces, it is digging into matters that are humanitarian, artistic, spiritual, both traditional and metaphysical.  The dream state is very active.   We benefit by getting the most out of these Neptune retrogrades.   Reflecting on our place in humanity.  How do we connect to others?   Do we need to ask for help?  Do we need to offer help?   During the Neptune retrograde we can feel overwhelmed and want to escape.  Some may rely on addictions and booze.   Or are we stuck in guilt?    Kindness goes far to others and self.   Helping others even small can assuage overwhelming feelings.   Getting lost in movies and music or researching metaphysics can be satisfying.  


Let’s see what we learn about our place in the big wide world and how we connect to the cosmos between now and December when it stations direct. 


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