Thursday, June 2, 2022

Saturn Station retrograde June 4


Saturn Retrograde 

June 4

2:46pm PDT 

25 Aquarius 25. 


October 23, 2022 

3:22pm PDT 

Saturn direct 

18 Aquarius 35 


Saturn enters Pisces 

March 7, 2023 


Saturn went into Aquarius right when the world went into lockdown in March of 2020.   Obviously, we are still impacted and still processing it all, but we have learned and continue to learn the importance of community, friendships, and our circles.   We are not done with our lessons.  But it should be noted this is THE last Saturn retrograde in Aquarius because next March it enters Pisces for those lessons (lord, take the wheel please!).   People who have been feeling lonely should take this retrograde to make new friends, join some groups.  Given the retrograde is launching in this lunar month where we lean into our ability to adapt and change, well, perhaps the universe is giving us the impetus to get out of our own way if our thinking is “I’m not a joiner”.  Maybe you start with something easy like a book club.  Some place you show up in person or on zoom and break figuratively bread with others.   We have a lot in front of us before Saturn moves into Pisces and remember we will not have another Saturn retrograde in Aquarius until 2050.  If you have issues around community now, what will it look like then?    


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