Sunday, June 12, 2022

Sagittarius Super Full Moon: June 14


A jetliner is silhouetted against a Supermoon in Austin, Texas on November 14 in 2016, photo by Jay Godwin

Full Moon Phase 

23 Sag 25  

June 14, 2022  

4:51am PDT 



Full moons occur when the Moon is opposed the Sun.   It lands two weeks after the launch of the new moon and is the equalizer to the energy that has been swirling around during the waxing phase.     In the Gemini lunar month, there is an accent on communication, getting data, using our brains, (perhaps over thinking), getting down into details and figuring out the facts on the ground.    Now with the Sag full moon, we step back and ask:” But, what do all the details I have learn mean?”   

During the Sag moon, we reflect on our beliefs.  We reflect on our philosophy and judgements.     Are they accurate?  Do our beliefs match the ground reality?    Are we coming to any situation with prejudgments?  Is it working for us?    We also need to figure out if our source of information is baked in gossip or innuendo?   Of if the facts are being amplified for a purpose?    Who are the amplifiers?  Who are the filters?   


During the Sag full moon, we should consider what we say and certainly look at any judgments we are making.   But also, if we have been resistant to having opinions, we may be asked to form one.   If we have resisted it may be time to opine.  


In the chart, the moon and sun form a T square with Neptune, so there is a fuzzy factor to the moon.   Neptune dissolves what it touches.   It could be the facts, but it also could be the high walls that surround us if our desire has been to remain non-committal.  Or if we have been leaning in righteous know-it-all, Neptune may bust us.   The bust could come from others, or the bust is something we feel in our heart and soul.   “Shit, I think I got that wrong.”  Okay, learn and do better.   That's a perfect response in Sag full moon.   Also with Neptune being so pronounced in this chart, there could be humanitarian issues that get our attention.    


The Sun forms a trine with  Saturn and sextiles Moon so we are not just floating through our days without an anchor.   Saturn in Aquarius gives us a circle of people whom we can tap. 


If we need help sorting something out, reach to someone you respect.  Perhaps someone who feels like a teacher (Sagittarius), even if they aren’t one by trade but they have a way about them that can hear a dilemma and offer advice, seek them out.    Tap your heart and intuition to figure out who that person is to have a solid conversation (Gemini) and sort through any thing that is making you jittery.  


In the meantime, remember you don’t have to answer every text or email or call.    You can take a moment to process stuff.   


Additionally, this moon is closest to perigee meaning it is closest to earth and identified as a SuperMoons.   There are four this year and this is the second.  It is also called a Strawberry Moon (Native American).  There is a connection of SuperMoons and earthquakes, perhaps due to the gravitational pull as the moon is close to earth.   



It should be glorious to observe in the sky.   


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