Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Capricorn Full Moon: July 13, 2022


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Full Moon Phase 

21 Cap 21   

July 13, 2022  

11:37am PDT  


Today’s full moon is the strongest and the third Supermoon this year.  Not only is this full moon closest to the earth pulling on the tides it is also opposing the Sun in Cancer that already has deep ties to water.   Emotions could feel extreme highs and lows these three days.    In astrology there is something to be gained when planets activate the opposing influences of two signs.   Cancer the water sign, understands the importance of letting something flow, Capricorn, an earth sign taps the value of construction.  In ancient cultures a river was the source of food and nurturance, irrigation ditches directed the water to crops or wells dug deep into the land tapped the valuable hidden water.    On the Capricorn full moon, we do well when we access our emotions, but we refrain from letting them spill all over the place.  


Emotions running wild are about as useful as the Nile River flooding and wiping out villages.   Only those people who got out of the way or climbed higher land could survive the tumult of flooding rivers.  On the Capricorn full moon, we tap our emotions, we let them guide us on some internal level or journey, but we benefit when we stay cool and get some distance.   


The full moon is close to Pluto which is asking for an overhaul of that which does not work.   Because Capricorn has an innate sense of responsibility, some of us may be feeling overworked.   During the 3-day full moon phase we could benefit by releasing something that we just no longer want to take responsibility.   This does not have to be forever but what does it look like to just walk away from something at least now and let others do their share?    Or the opposite could be at play, maybe some of us have been hanging on too long to childlike patterns and behaviors (Cancer) and have turned to others to take on our responsibility?   This imbalance of power and role modeling of parent/versus child may have grown wearisome.   Perhaps it is time for us to take a more leadership role in our own life.   


The Sun and Mercury are both in aspect to Mercury which suggests our thinking is critical to this three-day phase.   Thoughts that do not serve us could come up for us to process.   Saturn the ruling planet of Capricorn is forming a trine with Venus, leaning into art could be helpful.  However, the square between Venus and Neptune could cloud some of our reasoning and money and love could feel a little fuzzy.   Saturn in Aquarius, although this can be counter-intuitive, reminds us of the importance of pulling back from ‘group think’ in order to help more humanity.  Some  may need help with new thoughts that we can offer.  Observations from good friends can have meaning during this phase. 


Both the Sun and Moon are getting a nice spike of creativity and novelty from Uranus that could have practical applications.  There may be a moment where our emotions feel big and we need a practical solution and then out of nowhere we have a thought and think, “Why didn’t I think of that before?”   And from that a path to a solution opens.


This full moon is not easy.  But even if there are bumps there are gifts.   Pluto will only be in Capricorn for 1 ½ more years so we are wrapping up a period where the Capricorn full moons have had that added wisdom that comes from tough working Pluto since 2008.    Make the most of this full moon and of course seek higher ground when you need it! 


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