Saturday, July 30, 2022

Jupiter Retrograde July 28- November 28


Jupiter Station Retrograde 

July 28, 2022

1:37pm PDT

16 Aries 26


Important Jupiter dates: 

May 4 Jupiter enters shadow (28 Pisces 48)

May 11 Jupiter enters Aries 

October 28 Jupiter re-enters Pisces 

November 23 Jupiter stations direct 28 Pisces 48 (Sag new moon)

December 20 Jupiter re-enters Aries 

February 14, Jupiter exits shadow (16 Aries 26)


In May two things happened to Jupiter.   On May 4th Jupiter crossed into its shadow point and on May 11th it moved into Aries.     Every planet that retrogrades has two shadow points; at the first shadow point, the planet puts a flag in the dirt and says— “I’ll be back”    Then when the planet turns retrograde which Jupiter will do on July 28, it puts another flag in the ground and says, “When I see you again, I will know a lot more”  and then the planet heads back to flag #1.   By the time the retrograde is done and the planet turns direct it will be standing next to flag #1.   Then it straightens out and moves forward again chugging all the way down the road again until it gets to flag #2 and then it exits that shadow, hopefully wiser. 


Jupiter the teacher planet, spends several months of every year in retrograde motion.   During this time, we learn stuff, we get taught stuff and we might teach others.     Evidently, we are all slow learners because from shadow point to shadow point it is usually a nine month process.   The last time Jupiter was retrograde in Aries was fall of 1999.    Questions to consider: What were you doing then?   Aries speaks to personal identity; did you make any changes then that set a course for a ‘new’ identity?  How did you take agency in your life for new beginnings? How did you break free for more independence?   How did you become a new student or a new teacher?   How did you expand your world?   Those same themes will come up during this retrograde especially between now and October 28.   Between October 28 and November 28 Jupiter will leave Aries and return to Pisces and we will be looking at our faith again.  How does our spirituality line up with our philosophies?   If we are lacking faith it may come up or if faith is strong we may lean into it.   Once Jupiter turns direct we have another month of Jupiter in Pisces until it re-enters Aries on December 20th and we get our fight for independence and breaking new ground again.    Jupiter is our Friar Tuck ,our Mark Twain or our Sacajawea.  Jupiter can make us laugh, can show us how to be a bridge between groups and worlds.  Jupiter shows a generosity of spirt.    Jupiter can also be righteous and fiery especially in Aries.  However, the power of two months in Pisces should help us tap self-reflection and soften the edge of zealotry.    

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