Saturday, July 30, 2022

July 28-August 1




On the 28th, Mercury tussles with Uranus and the north node in Taurus.   Our big thoughts and big goals and big fun may hit a wall.    The North Node in Taurus wants things to work and wants to build stuff up from the ground.   However, our thinking may be grander than our skills set.  Look in the news for someone or something falling short.    Then on the 30th, Mercury opposes Saturn, and our thinking gets serious.   There is tension between a focus on self and what our heart wants-versus our responsibility to others (in particular groups).  


On July 31 we have a big aspect, the north node conjunction Uranus.    This aspect happens about every 15 years.   The last time the two of them joined up was in March 2007.   Back then the conjunction took place in Pisces.   Pisces can be weird and unworldly, aspirational, and illusionary.  Looking at the timeline near that 2007 aspect, there was unseasonable tornado that hit Alabama in Feb (weird) and Barack Obama announced his run for president (aspirational) then a month later there was a fantasy high, when the Dow Jones reached 1300 for the first time in history only to have one year later the housing bubble crash taking the stock market with it and setting off the Great Recession.   Astrologer Kelly Surtees points out that the last time Uranus and North Node conjunction in Taurus was 1855.   Obviously, that year was part of the run up for the Civil War where citizens and those people they elect had to decide if USA would continue to be a slave nation or not.  Earlier than that date, 1458 had a North Node/Uranus conjunction which per astrologer Dani Fankhauser was a year where Earth was recovering from a severe cooling caused by volcanic ash from a previous epic volcanic explosion.   As we head to these dates now, extreme heat is causing chaos around the world.    On August 1 Mars enters the melee with a conjunction to North node in the morning, followed by a conjunction with Uranus in late afternoon (PDT).   This is big energy.  Big actions.  Big disruptions.   Issues around money and resources get a shock.   Aviation, Internet, electrical grids, anything ‘modern’ could be tested.   Any failures speak to where we need practical changes (Taurus).     Obviously, how these aspects impact people in their personal lives depends on any planets in a chart that form an aspect with 18/19 degrees of Taurus.   Especially those people with planets near that degree in Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.   I include myself in the group and can tell you I am feeling the energy zapping my Scorpio planet.   

Once we get past the first week of tension the lunar month unfolds with some drama but not nearly as potent as the first week.    Near the end of the 29 day lunar month Uranus will station  for its five month retrograde period.  

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