Monday, August 8, 2022

Aquarius Full Moon. August 11, 2022


Full Moon Phase 

19 Aquarius 21  

August 11, 2022 

6:35pm PDT 



The Aquarius full moon, like all full moons, is an echo off the new moon.   Two weeks ago, we launched the Leo 29-day new moon lunar cycle where we opened up our hearts and got real with our passions.   We are not afraid of our authentic voice and telling others what is real and not real about us.    We find our strength to be honest as shit.    Now on the full moon in Aquarius we look around at our friends, our groups and we assess if we are still in sync with our peeps.   Are they still our jam?  Or if our values still line up with our group, are we bringing our ‘A game’?  Are we showing how we can lead and stay connected to friends at the same time?  Or are we still hiding some part of us, in order to be connected to our tribes?   How is that working out?   Just askin’


At the Aquarius full moon, which is cool and brainy, we have an opportunity in this 3-day window to join our heart and brain and have them work in unison.    Don’t be surprised if something brilliant pops up as the most perfect solution to an issue.  With this chart, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’.   There is an element of 'out of the blue' person, event or weirdness with this 3 day window. 


The chart for this full moon continues last week's Uranus theme and tension which had a Mars conjunction  and now the sun and moon are in square with Uranus.   Uranus is the planet of revolutionary changes.  On the full moon we may look at our lives and seek our own revolution.   ‘Not going to take this anymore’ kind of change.   However, we also have Saturn on top of the moon in Aquarius.   Saturn the discipline, hardship and struggle planet, can slow change down.   It is not that change, or the desired changes are wrong but to Saturn’s point it may need to be scaled back or measured.   There is no baby being thrown out with the bathwater with this full moon chart, says Saturn.    Cool, reasoned thoughtful measured changes can with focus provide transformational change.    


Two weeks ago on the new moon we discussed Uranus rules electricity and modern technology and is an influence all 29 days,  On the full moon there could be some fritzes in the news.  


All the heat from Mars last week  is starting to fade a bit and we can clear our head (Aquarius) and use the power of the full moon to find our bearings.   Even if new responsibilities land in our lap it will help inform us of the changes we need to focus on. 

In the great words of Bear in The Bear, "Yes, Chef."  

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