Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Aries New Moon #2 - April 19, 2023


Aries New Moon 

Solar Eclipse 

April 19, 2023 

20 Aries 50 

Here we are with the biggest opportunity of 2023, a second Aries New Moon.   For those who did not make a treasure map last month at the first Aries New Moon, you can do it with this second bite of the Aries apple.    This new moon is fire but shortly after it launches the earthy Taurus energy will begin to penetrate.   Earth can put out fire which can snuff the fire of Aries however, the astrological influences of this new moon which is an eclipse are strong, plus the other aspects during this cycle suggest that the fire can instead heat the earth into steel .    Gather your energy, find your independence, activate your inner warrior and consider what you want for the next year.  Your steel sword will be by your side all year.   You will find my whole report for this new moon  HERE.  


  1. I did my treasure map. :-) I've just put my old one away in a wardrobe? Not sure what else to do with it. Also I read on the Mountains Astrologer blog that setting intentions on the eclipse isn't good as unpredictable compared to a new moon? I did mine on the 20th after the eclipse when the moon was in Taurus and before Mercury retrograde although I guess it was in the shadow period

  2. Thanks Tracey. Yes mine was too so hoping for the best. X