Monday, April 3, 2023

Libra Full Moon - April 5, 9:34pm PDT


Libra Full Moon

16 Libra 07

April 5, 2023 

9:34pm PDT 


As always, a full moon is when the Sun and the Moon are opposite each other.   The full moon is a teeter totter where we are challenged to find the equilibrium of the two energies during this three day dance.    


During the Aries, Libra teeter totter the dance is between self and partner.     For two weeks we may have been driven by self-agency, “What do I need?”  “What should I do?   Now on the full moon we stop and look at the main people in our life.   We look at our partners.     Maybe someone has been sitting off to the side waiting for your attention.    Maybe you have been missing an opportunity with your partner.   While spouses and partners in relationships speak to Libra so do partners in nonromantic matters like business.    There is also the possibility that if the last two weeks you have been doing for others and there has been no SELF actions, then the full moon will get our attention and we realize we have to hit pause and swing to self.   


On this full moon the Sun is in conjunction with Jupiter opposing Moon.    Jupiter is big.  There could be some big component to the three-day phase, big feelings, big actions, big noise, big force.   Self still needs our attention, but Libra looks for balance.  If loud enters the room, Libra responds with quiet.  If hot enters the room, Libra brings cold.    Watch the full moon for your impulse and reaction.   Do you find yourself doing the opposite?    Of course, the challenge is to go deeper below the reactions.   Can you tap the need to do for self and stay alert to others?  How does this open you up for opportunities?    If your partner really wants to do ____ (fill in the blank) and you have been resistant, maybe now is the time to say yes.   That willingness to do something new or do something with your partner speaks to Libra’s willingness to share and tapping balance.  


The Sun is also in conjunction with Chiron again opposing Moon.  Chiron is a minor planet but has a punch.  Chiron is our wounded healer.  Chiron entered Aries in 2018/2019 where it is staying until 2027.   Aries has high energy, impulsive and warrior spirit, it is not satisfied by the old way especially if the old is perceived as broken.  Between acting versus sitting on broken or sitting on pain, action is preferred.    The last time Chiron was in Aries was 1968-1977 and before that was 1918-1927.  It is interesting that in our current Chiron in Aries era and the 1918 era both had a world pandemic.    In the late 60’s and now, Chiron brought emphasis on social inequities.   This full moon may point out inequities in some form or fashion.  We may see one set of rules for one group of people versus another group.  Doors that open for some and not others.   Something that appears unfair could get attention.   Because it is a wounded hero the lessons may appear to be a major problem.  Will there be a healthy reaction with concrete answers or just an angry reaction?    Not an easy aspect for this full moon. 


Uranus, the planet of disruption is also in the chart with an inconjunct to the moon and semi sextile to the Sun.   Uranus is the planet of chaos.   Uranus brings taps an out of the blue energy.  Everything can be set to unroll out one way, then something from left field lands and will need our attention.   Watch the news during this three-day phase for stories that are weird on some level but still in some strange way may be a healing.   Excitement and anxiety fill the full moon along with electricity and perhaps a bit of rebellion.    On a personal level, there may be opportunities that are darn right strange but if you can open yourself up to something new and weird, it may bring a fresh perspective.   


While it is a bumpy moon by any measure, Libra always reminds us to find and tap kindness.    If you look in the other person’s eyes and find yourself in the reflection it will bring healing.  

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