Monday, April 24, 2023

Pluto Station Retrograde: May 1, 2023


In this 18th century Dutch engraving, Pluto reclines in a chariot pulled by Cerberus.



Jan 8, 2023: Pluto enters shadow (27 Cap 53) 

March 23, 2023 Pluto enters Aquarius 

May 1, 2023 Pluto retrogrades (0 Aquarius 22) 

June 11, 2023, Pluto returns to Capricorn

October 10, 2023, Pluto stations direct (27 Capricorn 53) 

January 20, 2024, Pluto returns to Aquarius 

Feb 1 Pluto leaves Shadow (0 Aquarius 22) 


Jan 9, 2024, Pluto enters shadow (29 Cap 38) 

May 2, 2024, Pluto stations retrograde (2 Aquarius 06) 

Sept 3, 2024, Pluto re-enters Capricorn 

Oct 11, 2024, Pluto stations direct (29 Cap 38) 

Nov. 19, 2024 Pluto re-enters Aquarius 

Feb 2, 2025, Pluto leaves shadow (2 Aquarius 06) 


Oh, Pluto you really know how to pull focus.   Pluto carries so much punch and when it makes a move into a new sign, it gets the world’s attention. We are in the middle of a two year period where Pluto will move in and out of Capricorn and Aquarius.  


In Capricorn, Pluto is tying up the loose ends of big business, big government, and with those who are leaders.  Where there is a disconnect, it will get called out.  Where obligations are not being met, it will be noted.   Those who are shirking responsibility will be seen and called out.    Why?   Because Pluto knows that once it finally leaves Capricorn on November 19, 2024, it won’t return for over two hundred years.   As for Aquarius, the last time Pluto was in Aquarius was 1778 – 1798.   That time included the end of the American Revolution, the founding of the USA and The French Revolution.  We are seeing racial themes that harken back to that time where the authors of the Constitution protected slavery.   As for the French Revolution; weird weather, crop failures, cattle disease, and funding wars, created dissent with the neglected French citizens.  By the time of the French Revolution, Pluto was halfway through Aquarius.  Remember Pluto is in Aquarius for twenty years.   Now, during this two-year window of Pluto bouncing between Capricorn and Aquarius, leaders may fall and others may rise, depending on how they connect to the wants and needs of those they serve.  As we know, Pluto can use crisis to get attention.   It will be curious to see what events in these two years that will be harbingers for the next twenty.   



Since March 23, when Pluto moved into Aquarius some of us may have felt something growing.  Perhaps a need or force to crack something open, break free and do something unusual.  Those people with planets at early Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio could be feeling an angst.  Maybe the tension or anxiety makes sense or maybe it is coming from somewhere they don’t understand.   On May 1, Pluto stations retrograde and begins to head back to Capricorn which might give a little relief to those with the fixed sign (early degree) planets.    Pluto spends about five months every year retrograde, and this retrograde has a shadow point from Jan. 6.   Issues and themes that came up between now and then may get a revisit after May 1st.   

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