Tuesday, August 22, 2023

August 23- September 15: Mercury Retrograde


Mercury Retrograde Dates :

Aug 3:        Mercury shadow  8 Virgo 00

Aug 9:        Mercury trine Jupiter 

Aug 23:     Mercury station retrograde 21 Virgo 51

Sep 4:        Mercury trine Jupiter 

Sep 15:      Mercury station direct 8 Virgo 00

Sep 29:      Mercury shadow ends 



Mercury retrogrades in general are a reminder that we all benefit by paying attention to the details.   One overlooked item, missed note, snappy comment, can come back and bite us in the rear during retrograde.   Got it?  Yes of course you got it.   But now consider a Mercury retrograde in Virgo, the MOST detailed sign of the zodiac.   DETAILS matter during the 3-week retrograde.   It is also important to note that the Mercury retrograde impacts this Leo lunar month AND it will be retrograde for the Virgo new moon.  Mercury does not turn direct until the day after next month’s new moon so that means it is doubling down on DETAILS on that 29-day cycle as well.   


Where should we focus our detail-oriented brain?   Great place to start is when any insecurities pop up.   If you are feeling less than on any topic, bring some measured discipline.    Watch the details.  If you get it right, it could make a solid impression.   Also look at your calendar.   Who are you seeing or making connections with and why?  Does this bring you joy?   Or is it based on insecurity?    “If I don’t do this then ____ will happen” is of course fear.  It is fine if some of the things on the to-do list are based in obligation but figure out a way to make it joyful or reframe your motivation out of love.   And if it is still only an obligation, then what can you do to shift the paradigm?  Is it a conversation that clears the air?   Just be thoughtful.    There is no reason to be yelling at anyone this Mercury retrograde, we all benefit by taking responsibility for any confusion we bring to the story.   As always be thoughtful about any email or text you send out.   Sharp tones may need to be soften.   Watch the snark.   Above all --- take a breath before responding to anything that has got your anger up too high.   The anger may be justified but the communication needs to be …here it that word comes again, “thoughtful.”        


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