Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Venus Cazimi - August 13


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Cazimi is a term out of the work of ancient astology where it is an exact conjunction between the Sun and planet. Cazimi is an Arabic term for "heart of the Sun."  Many astrologers work closely with cazimis and although it has not been my focus I appreciate their work.  

On August 13th there will be a potent Venus cazimi.  I want to do a shout out to astrologer Chani and her write up about the upcoming cazimi.   I encourage everyone to read the whole piece. 


Venus cazimis can happen two ways: 1) during Venus’ retrograde, when the planet is between Earth and the Sun, or 2) when Venus is moving in direct motion and it’s on the other side of the Sun, as far as it can be from Earth. The Venus cazimi on August 13th is the first kind, marking the halfway point of Venus’ backward trek.

During Venus’ retrograde — in 2023, that’s from July 22nd to September 3rd — the planet’s proximity to the Sun means that it temporarily disappears from our sky. The ancients mythologized this vanishing act as an underworld journey. Venus’ underworld descent corresponds to our own journeys to retrieve an essential facet of our intimate or creative nature. This period forces us to review our intimacy patterns, relationship with desire, and sense of inner or outer beauty. Trudging through the lessons can be tough, and our natural vibrancy might dim during the 40ish days of Venus’ retrograde. ..... (the piece continues at link) 

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