Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Pisces Blue Full Moon: August 30, 2023


Welcome to a Pisces Full Moon.  

August 30, 2023

6:35pm PDT

7 Pisces 25


Because this is the second full moon of the month it is also a blue moon.  Additionally, it is a supermoon. The moon should be big and gorgeous and will appear 14% larger as it will be the closest full moon to Earth this year.   It will get our attention.  

Pisces, a water sign, is opposed to the Sun in Virgo, an earth sign.   On one hand there is no bigger enemy to earth than water.  A trip to the Grand Canyon exemplifies how water can cut through hard ancient dirt.  But the earth must not fear water.  The sustenance that comes from a rich, verdant earth starts with seeds and every seed needs water.  In astrology water speaks to our emotions and intuition.  Earth connects us to stability and practicality.  The opposition calls for a nuance connection between earth and water, where we respect both elements often by being smart about our emotions.   However, if we cut off our emotions then we are missing the point of the full moon.  Find the tender in the full moon but do not collapse.  

The big aspect for this full moon is Saturn conjunction Moon in Pisces.  

In early 2023 Saturn entered Pisces  launching a new 2.5 year cycle.  When there is a Saturn aspect on the full and new moons, it is an opportunity for Saturn to flex its Pisces muscles and for us to offer a fresh response.  Saturn in Pisces is asking a number of questions:  

What is our intuition telling us and how are we responding in a sensible manner?   

What new discipline are we tapping that speaks to humanitarianism?   

How are we showing up with a new appreciation for humanity?  

How is our psyche seeking replenishment?     

How is being the big person in the room who shows compassion the answer?     

How are we the captain on the bumpy seas of a Pisces Full moon?  

The last time Saturn was in Pisces was: 1993-1996, 1964-1967 and 1935-1938.   Some people may see themes in their personal lives that may echo off the previous passes of Saturn in Pisces.  And certainly we could see a repeat of topics on the world stage.

There are no other big aspects in the full moon chart. Looking at Mercury the ruler of Virgo, we see an inconjunct with Chiron in Aries.   Chiron’s trek in Aries is pushing on all of us to find our independence and tap self agency.  Many people think of independence as loneliness. This is a narrow vision and misses the point of Chiron in Aries. Because when we tap the skills, the talents, the thoughts that are ours and not someone else's, we become more authentic.   Tapping what is real and true in us, may disrupt stagnant patterns and relationships where it only works if we are ‘this way’ or ‘that way’.  This robs us of the opportunity of fuller richer relationships including the one with self.   One note of caution, Mercury is retrograde so our thinking and communication may be fritzy.   Are we shooting off our mouths because we MUST BE HEARD?   Maybe. Or is an insecurity in the mix?   Mercury is pretty dang critical in Virgo but it is also at home in Virgo. Perhaps take the full moon to acknowledge any insecurities (Virgo) and consider being a bit more humane to the person in the mirror and maybe a few other people as well.  

One note, this full moon falls four days before Venus FINALLY stations direct on September 3rd after a long retrograde.   Venus in Leo and the retrograde has been igniting people to find what they care about and do all they can to amplify that love (it is Leo, for god sakes). This Venus retrograde is protecting, cherishing, loving with passion and also standing up for our values. This full moon may accent some areas that still need that Venus retrograde juju.   After September 3rd we will begin the long unwinding and during that time we may think back on this full moon as important to our journey on this Venus in Leo summer. 

Enjoy the gifts of Pieces on this full moon.  It is okay to be kind even if you are fierce.   Just sayin’.

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