Monday, September 4, 2023

September 3: Venus Stations Direct


The Venus retrograde  has been the background music this entire summer.  Once it moved into Leo on June 5th it started talking to us.   

Venus Retrograde dates 

June 5:               Venus enter Leo 

June 5 :              Venus oppose Pluto 00 degrees 05 

June 8 :              Venus square nodes  3 degrees 05

June 11 :            Venus square Jupiter 5 degrees 38 

June 19 :            Venus enter shadow 

July 2 :               Venus square Uranus 21 degrees 46

July 22               Venus retrograde 28 Leo 36

Aug 9:                 Venus square Uranus 22 degrees 55

Aug 13:              Sun Venus conjunction 20 degrees 28 

Aug 22 :             Venus square Jupiter 15 degrees 18 

Sept 3                PDT  Venus direct  12 degrees 12 

Sept 16 :             Venus square Jupiter 15 degrees 19

Sept 29 :             Venus square Uranus 22 degrees 40

Oct 7                   Venus exits shadow 



The Venus retrograde wrapped up halfway through the Leo Lunar Month on September 3, but the shadow continues until Oct 7.   We still have the final Venus and Jupiter square: Watch the spending, eating, socializing and partying.   Both Venus and Jupiter (depending on signs) can tap bacchanalia.  When they are pushing on each other there can be an environment of too much – too much.   It may be good to ask what has come up since June 11th, August 22 and the final round Sept 16. Where have we been or tapped ‘too much’?  On August 22nd, right in the middle of the Venus retrograde and on the Leo waxing moon, may be a good reminder that there is a way to be authentic with your appreciation and express love to others, or self, without going over the top.   The final round of this aspect will be on September 16.  By then we will have learned a lot about love and appreciation and what we are supposed to do about it.  


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