Saturday, September 16, 2023

September 15: Mercury Direct . Phew!




Sep 15:      Mercury station direct 8 Virgo 00

Sep 29:      Mercury shadow ends 


Mercury stationed direct the day after the Virgo new moon.   Once in direct motion, we would be well served to reflect what the last three weeks did to our detailed-oriented brain.  Did we rise to the occasion, or did sloppiness get in our way?   Is there stuff that now needs cleaning up?  Did any perceived kerfuffle turn out to help us?  What details need following up?  Can we use this Virgo new moon to do follow up work?  


Looking back on our calendar and schedule (Virgo’s domain) how did we spend our time?  Was it well served?  Or on reflection did it seem like we wasted time and would have been better served choosing another response or action?   Perhaps we learned something about our goals that got lost in the summer but now on the other side of the Mercury retrograde we are reconnected with a new discipline.  


Mercury in Virgo is always fine tuning us.  We won't have the next Mercury retrograde until the end of the year.   Let’s take what we learned in this one to fine tune us and maybe it will make the next one a wee bit easier.   

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