Thursday, September 14, 2023

Virgo New Moon: September 14, 2023


Virgo Vestalis Maxima (National Roman Museum) Wikipedia

Virgo New Moon 


September 14, 2023

6:39pm PDT

21 Virgo 59  

The bigness, the drama and the boldness of Leo is in our rearview mirror.    Now we are at Virgo.  Instead of big, Virgo looks at details.  Virgo discerns.   Virgo looks around the joint and says how can we do more with less?   Virgo focuses on every minute, every hour and every day and gives it a critical eye.  Are we being efficient?   Can we do better?   Is this really working?  Virgo oversees the daily routines of life.   


Virgo is the Virgin.  In our modern world we use the word virgin to speak of one who has not had sexual intercourse or a wider interpretation, it is a person who has not done or experienced something.  But in the ancient world, Virgin was much more elevated than a chaste human.  For example, Vestal Virgins spoke of a whole class of people who were devoted to a task.   These women never married or had a family and instead oversaw the sacred fires of Rome.   Vestal Virgins kept the fires burning.   They sacrificed a lot for the community, and they were elevated in society and held in awe.  Ancient Rome understood that Virgo is connected to service that knits together the very fabric of society.    


The 29-day Virgo lunar cycle is an excellent cycle, perhaps the best to start a new diet or new exercise routine.  Virgo is medicine.  This is an excellent time to set medical appointments.  Even if the date falls out of the Virgo cycle, just making the appointment speaks to the power of Virgo.   Paying bills, setting appointments with the accountant will scratch Virgo’s itch for duty and diligence.   Being of service to others and self are important.   In the northern hemisphere Virgo connects to harvest season.  This is when we separate the wheat from the chaff.  Seed and chaff separation is critical because to process and eat the grain kernel the inedible hull needs to be removed.   We have the eye during this 29-days to remove that which no longer serves us. 

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