Monday, August 19, 2013

Full Moon: Aquarius Part 2!!!

Aquarius Full Moon
August 20, 2013
9:44pm EDT
28 AQ 10

And here we are again…. Our 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius in 29 days!    About a month ago we had a full moon in Aquarius around 2 degrees.  Now because of things too complicated to explain we are getting our second full moon in Aquarius this time at 28-29 degrees of Aquarius.   This happens periodically and gives us another lesson on the same subject.  

In this case, the full moon is shining on our friends, and on our co-workers when we are not working, and the people that inspire us---basically in short---our community.    Get your head around this for a minute.    How would Hemmingway have written without his boozy friends in Havana?  How would Dorothy Parker sharpen her wit without that round table at the Algonquin?  And sure they fought and were HIGHLY competitive but don’t kid yourself, Monet, Renoir, Pissarro needed each other to fight and scrap and teach each other whether they wanted to or not.   Thank you, lord for putting them all in France at the right time so we can get misty  looking at their Impressionists paintings 130 years later.

This is the power of the Aquarius energy.  Groups matter. 

Even silly PTAs, which I could if I wanted to speak volumes, but won’t beyond four words:  Been there Done That.

This full Moon asks us to look around, who is our tribe?  Are we uplifting each other?  Or does grousing hold us together?  *   Are we Renoir but hanging out with guys who paint on velvet?   When our light bulbs go off in our head –whom do we  call?  Do they get it?   Don’t blame them if they don’t—instead start looking for someone who does ‘get’ you.    Remember as Uranus and Pluto duke it out for the next few years we are all morphing and many of us are getting new friends, new hangouts, and new groups.    It is important.   Directions are changing; the wind is blowing, find someone who gets that new direction which is calling you.   

Being stuck is the worst feeling.    Let your community support you as you get unstuck and head where you need to head.

Watch what comes up this full moon.  And of course keep your eyes out for  Who comes into your life.    Are they in synch?   Are they the future or the past?     Mull it over a bit.   Listen to uplifting music.   Especially groups that would not have been half the person they were if it were not for the other guys/gals who showed up in their life. 

* Seriously, are you still grousing?  Do you not read my blog regularly?   This is the era of dropping the grouses.   Stop wasting your energy and other people’s time with complaints.  For gawdsakes I thought I was raising you better!  


  1. Amanda bo postala uradno medtranzitna punca dne v ponedeljek, 2.septembra 2013.

  2. The foreign man does not know the terrain so well he does not know where to await the hazards and pitfalls.

  3. V tujini človek ne pozna terena zato pa tudi ne ve kje ga čakajo nevarnosti in pasti.