Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Week Ahead

The week ahead

We begin the week with a Gibbous Moon.  Yes, yes, yes, when you look up at the moon it looks full or almost full but it is not full. It is gibbous.  During this phase we are refining information.   The wax is spreading out thin in our waxing moon.  We see imperfections and bubbles.  We are working out kinks so we can be ready for the full moon. 

Focus on:
What details are you learning about your career?  What details are you learning about your position in the world?   How is society impacting your daily life?   Are there changes you would like to make that would impact your societal position but me more satisfying in your daily life?     

Full Moon is on Tuesday August 20th
…. See separate post (to come).

On Wednesday 8/21 Jupiter square Uranus we get that yucky square between Jupiter and Uranus  back on New Moon I wrote our Jupiter process this cycle….. let’s recap.

Jupiter the biggest planet in our zodiac will be making a lot of noise this cycle.  I say interesting because we already know Leo cycle is a big and noisy and now we have Jupiter the biggest planet around being noisy.  Feels like big squared.   What is causing all the commotion?  On August 7, Jupiter will make the first of three oppositions to Pluto.  Round two will be in January 2014 and Round three will be in April 2014.  The one in April is exceptionally dramatic given there will another round of t squares with the cardinals with other planets but let’s not get bogged down with that right now.   Anyway, Jupiter in Cancer is all about BIG emotions.    It is not just tears it is a river of tears.  It is not chuckles it is laughing so hard your sides ache.  It is not just angry shouts it is a volcanic explosion.  It will be a year of big emotions.   And opposite those emotions at least right now for round one of Pluto in Capricorn who is cold as ice.    Business versus emotions.  Opinionated versus discretion.   Make money not tears.    I don’t follow sports (like at all) but even I seem to know about A-Rod and his problems.   Smells like Jupiter versus Pluto to me.

 Depending on what houses transiting Pluto and Jupiter are traveling in your chart the tension will be noticeable.  Where are you emoting big time and where are you non plussed, cool as a cucumber?   Watch August 7th.  That may give you an idea how this aspect is playing in your life.  Also in today’s news was the story that Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon has personally purchased the Washington Post.  Okay—there is Sun trine Uranus and Jupiter oppose Pluto in Capricorn in one move.  I will bet money that the move is based more on emotions than business whether Mr. Bezos admits it or not. 

Once Jupiter finishes up with Pluto, he then moves into a square with Uranus.   Mr Big Emotions squaring off with Rebel with and without a cause.   Blech.    I think it is interesting that many embassies were shut down this weekend as Jupiter approaches Pluto (8/7) and I am wondering if there will be an echo effect around the 21st.   It will be curious.  This tension is thick and of course the last time Jupiter was in Cancer was 2001 and you remember that fall.    Remember you will be feeling this personally in your chart in a more profound way if you have any planets in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) between 9-12 degrees.   Watch what comes up for you between August 7 and August 21.

Luckily, Jupiter is getting some nice trines with Neptune and Saturn.   Spirit (Neptune in Pisces) and practical regeneration (Saturn in Scorpio) are empowered by emotions (Jupiter in Cancer).   This is an aspect where we feel things and get inspired to do something that sprouts new growth.   Thank you, Universe for this aspect.   We need the perks!

8/22: Sun in Virgo.   Call up your Virgo and ask them what they want or need?  Don’t surprise them.   They have been morphing so much lately that you gotta ask them what they want.

8/23:  Mercury in Virgo
8/24: Venus/Pluto.   Love of power and the power of love…are all tweaked out.  Breathe.


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