Monday, January 27, 2014

Aquarius New Moon

Aquarius New Moon
January 30
4:38pm EST

I have put up my whole New Moon Article on Margaret Wendt's site HERE.
I hope you will read it and remember that this Aquarius New Moon is a gift.
They aren't always gifts---but this one is and I want you to use it to its fullest value.

Here is a snippet but go to link for full article.

Okay, I want to give you a visual.  

Imagine you are on a high plateau.   When you look off in any direction you see a magnificent thunderstorm.  Bolts of lightening are in the east, the west, north and south.    Rain is pounding and rumbles are shaking the ground, but right where you are standing it is clear.   Small bands of clouds are going over you dropping light rain but lightening is not cracking over your head.   You look at the mess off in the distance and you feel lucky.   You have time to assess your move, because you are not stupid, you know one of those stormy fronts will be over you soon unless you make a move in the right direction.   Where should you go?  You are unclear and you feel alone but then you look and see another person in the clearing.  “Hey, I’m alone!”  And there is another person and another person and you realize you all are in a clearing.    You reach out to one of the people and ask,  “Where are you going?”   And they tell you.  Then another person asks you, “What about you--what are you going to do?”   And in that time of clearing you find you are in sync with others and you all agree to head off in a direction.  You are nervous, but you are also feeling empowered because you are with likeminded. 

And that, my friends, is where we are with this Aquarius lunar cycle.   
We are in the midst of the cardinal grand crosses rumbling through our world between January and the end of April.   These are tough aspects and even those of us who don’t have planets at 10-13 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn, we too are feeling the ground vibrate.  I won’t lie, it can be scary which is why this Aquarius cycle is important.   I don’t want to bog you down in too much astro stuff but if this New Moon had been a few days later we would be having a lesson with Saturn and we would not be enjoying a breathable moment to find our way—instead we would be trying to outrun our fear with scissors in our hand.  We should all thank our lucky stars this Aquarius New Moon is providing a beacon of light instead of mongering fear.

The New Moon chart has got a lovely sextile between Sun & Moon with Uranus.  Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius so we are double downing on our Aquarian energy.    Aquarius is an air sign and speaks to great ideas.   For 28 days look at the ideas that come into your brain that elevate your thinking.   And in particular look at the people around you and see what solutions or paths they are taking. This is the gift of Aquarius.   If you are only getting information from the same old tired group of people (or websites) you will feel unrest.   You may not find the answer to what you need or where you need to go unless you reach out and either offer up a new part of you to your old group or go out and find a new group and new intellectual resources.

In astrology 101, Aquarius is usually connected to ‘friends’ and I get it. But in truth it really isn’t friends as much as the energy we feel when we are with these people.    Does it elevate us?  Are their goals in sync with our ideals.  Imagine if Albert Einstein stayed in that Swiss patent office.    How would the world be different?   What happened to Einstein while he worked at the pedestrian patent office was that he met with a few friends regularly and they discussed science and philosophy, of course he took a different path then what was laid out in front of him in the Swiss Patent office.  And he probably would have made a break eventually--but as great as his intellect was he still needed fuel from his like minded friends and associates.    This is the Aquarius energy.   That exchange with others is vital to our life.

For 28 days watch your world of friends and associates.  You may be surprised what you hear that intrigues you.  Perhaps you will be propelled to go explore something on your own based on what someone tells you they are doing about ______.     You may have no idea how it will be important to you but you would be missing the point of this cycle to sit on stuff that catches your attention.   This is the cycle to find your intellect and your curiosity and above all LIFT YOUR ENERGY UP.   

And a word of warning, if you are bonding with people by griping, bitching, gossiping, tearing others down……well, you are missing the point.  And if you are missing the point—you are missing opportunities that will later serve you in an important way.  Get out of the weeds and keep your talk elevated.   Your astrological mother is speaking.  

go to link for full article. 


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