Thursday, January 30, 2014

Where's the ClusterF$%k?

The Moon the catalyst

I have been playing an internal game of Where’s Waldo? Except I’m not looking for a guy in a funny hat, I’m looking for the cardinal clusterf@!$k  when the moon hits the mash up.    As we know Mars, Jupiter, Uranus & Pluto are in harsh aspects with each other in this smoking period we are in until end of April.       About once a week the Moon will be in one of the cardinal signs activating the crosses.   I mentioned on Sunday that the Moon would be in Capricorn on Tuesday until the end of Wednesday (EST).  

It appears  the focus (at least in America) was in the Southeast United States where a large snow storm hit and dumped a couple inches of snow.    
People went to work. kids went to school, people lived their life like it was any ol’ regular day in Georgia,  Mississippi etc.    Whoops!  Big mistake. 

Government officials, both local and state are getting flak for not putting salt on the roads, closing schools and asking businesses to shut down.   Highways turned into snowy parking lots, crammed with cars and jack knifed trucks.  People slept in their cars, people abandoned them, kids had to spend the night in schools and school buses.   

What makes the situation sticky was that weather forecasters predicted the snow the day before and yet officials chose to believe it was not that big a deal. 
Can you see the Moon in Capricorn trying to find someone to take responsibility (Pluto)?
Can you see the anger that someone one was not taking care of others (Mars)?  Can  you feel the righteous protection of family (Jupiter )?  Can you feel the desire for new change (Uranus)?

For your score board, here's how it went down on Tuesday (all in EST):
Moon moved into Capricorn 12:04am
Moon square Uranus 3:01pm
Moon conjunct Pluto 7:35pm
Moon Oppose Jupiter 8:06pm
Moon square Mars 11:47am Wednesday

How was your Tuesday/Wednesday?  How did the pressure and the sparks play out in your life? 

Looking off to the next cardinal Moon which happens on Sunday late, late, late—(glad the Superbowl will be over for it).   

Sunday (EST)
Moon enters Aries 11:55pm
Moon conjunct Uranus 4:17pm
Moon Square Jupiter 8:26pm
Moon Square Pluto 9:15pm
Moon oppose Mars 6:14pm

Watch for the clusterf$!%k.

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